Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sept. 25th “The Wages of Sin”


"There was an artist who rivaled all of the emerging artists of the bohemian era from around 1905 to 1920 centered in Paris, yet seemingly lesser known. His name was Amedeo Clemente Modigliani from Livorno Italy. His distain and self indulgent dissolute life-style eventually led to his death in 1921 and the suicide of his pregnant mistress. Just a few years’ later popularity and notoriety came for his mask-like elongated faces and simplified forms with C├ęzanne painted type backgrounds.

Here I have taken three beautiful women and characterized them in a Modigliani form with elongated faces, pinched noses, tiny shut mouths, elongated necks and designated it the “ModigThree”.

This man was an example of someone with enormous self pride, choosing his own path and ultimately, receiving the rewards of the world. Affairs, rebellion, adultery, the taking of another man’s wife, drugs, protests, smugness, self righteous thinking all led to an end for himself and a young pregnant woman who had devastated her own family by her actions and choices.

We all make the wrong choices and the consequences always come home. For a Christian there is forgiveness, but still the result of the behavior and choices will have to be dealt with. Adultery, sleeping around, choosing to divorce your spouse for non Biblical reasons, and demonstrating a life-style contrary to what you have told your children may have devastating results as you see your actions lived out in your children’s lives which are contrary to Scripture. There is an account and we will all be held accountable.

Beauty on canvas may not give the true glimpse of life and the way it really is.”

“Why do we choose to choose what we do
Continually looking for something new
When a heart rules does it lead us astray
Do we think that we actually control our day
Why don’t we see the war around as we should
Knowing that evil’s goal is to snuff out good!”

“Paintings release details and thoughts of the viewer whether realized or imagined. Seek His choice rather than your own. Have a great week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sept.18th “Righteousness And Evil”

“A Distorted View”

"Paintings are often reminders or often expressions of experiences, things and sites seen as well as concepts and vision that one’s brain conjures up. This is an impasto composition, active and vibrant that I did some time ago. And where I want not to offend anyone who conjures up that it looks like them, or so and so, I palette knifed it for distortion. Some have commented that it’s all about them. Sorry, it’s about all of us. The words, comments and commentary are about life, the mess and deterioration our land, and seeing that we have thrown God out of our country, our families and our lives. We mock God to His face by our actions, deeds, and words. The “Church” accepts the things that are wrong including directly perverting Scripture.

I pass no personal judgment as I have many judgments that are passed on my life. I offer these insights of study, Scripture, and personal experience to help some and call others to get their personal pride out of the way and come to grips with reality while there is still time.

I listened to a great message this past week on righteousness and evil. There is NO COMPROMISE between them. There is no place, NO PLACE, where they mingle, share or co-exist.

Jesus demands everything! He will allow tests and trials to wake you up to the understanding that it’s “not about you or your siblings”. It’s about what He wants and demands from each of His, to be faithful followers doing His will, making choices of obedience and not seekers of personal and worldly approval.

How far short of what He wants we fall. But as Paul says, “Forgetting what is in the past press on to the mark of the high calling.” If it’s in your power and you can get your pride out of the way, reconcile, forgive, come back and demonstrate to your kids and those around you His awesome power.”

“I come to wake up one day and wonder what has taken place
Our country and families no longer even see the evil that they face
Take what is secure and throw it all away more each and every day
Replace it with tolerance, co-existence or new marriage for today
No weeping, no crying for righteousness and foundational beliefs
God thrown out of our society, and homes, who will be our relief?”

“Paintings that move our hearts remind us of our lives each time we engage with them. The times and the events surrounding our lives remind us that we will soon be held accountable for our choices. Have a great week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sept. 4th “Glazing Over”

“Purple With Green Centers”

"A great technique in oil painting is using glazes. Once the work is drawn out completely a transparent color can be applied over an under painted or any other surface on the canvas. These glazes actually reflect light and the more glazes the deeper the shadows, the depth, the richness of color and highlight of the surface.

Today society doesn’t see a lot. In fact it is pretty much meism focused. Gone are the days of really reaching out and doing and serving others. The only time we see this change is when there is something like this past hurricane. People do reach out and are concerned for neighbors, friends and family during times of crisis and disaster. America seems to get centrally focused when challenged or wronged.

We glaze over stuff. In fact we pass by without seeing things and we change things to meet our personal desires and self interest.

After the week we’ve had and what seems to be happening all over the country isn’t it time to re-examine everything. We haven’t come a long way baby. We’ve deteriorated from our roots, beliefs and just about everything we once held dear.

Many, many Christians are no longer salt and light and have joined the world. They have forgotten that they are not their own, but accountable ambassadors and citizens of another Kingdom.

Is it time to take a closer look? Maybe it’s time to stop glazing over things in this life!”

“Many people recently lost just about all they had
But spoke about family not stuff that made them sad
People stood beside each other helping as they could
Living and being whose you are is really awful good
Be careful what you choose and taking that great advice
For He keeps watch over His keeping an account of life!”

“Often paintings are ruined when you try to change them. It’s like the point where you can’t turn back because your pride won’t let you. But thankfully God can change circumstances, events and hearts especially of His own. Have a great week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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