Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mar. 27th “Friends Influence”


"Painting is a process, an experiment of ongoing techniques and challenges. So many people think it is just a simple act of applying paint to a surface. Each medium has its own uniqueness and each medium offers up its own reward. Painting often parallels life, new relationship, an old relationship, an introduction. Relationships demand a comfort level that comes with some mastery, are all in some stage, are always venturing on never standing still and are always beckoning for more.

I had a real close friend pass away this week. He’s been battling a lot for quite a while. In his last couple of years even though a follower for many years, he’d really come to know, put first and commit his whole self and life to God. In his suffering he was always speaking to someone the truth of having a relationship with God which is only possible through Christ. He had seen a lot in life and in people. He’d been hurt deeply. In seeing and being involved in many relationships. He never fully understood how two people who had so much together could but often wouldn’t strive to work out difficulties especially if they claimed Christ as Savior. He had a great heart.

Being saved by God who paid the sin penalty for all the world is a gift. Unlike some who would have you believe you can earn it by works or by doing “good”, it is a gift. It means you must believe in Christ and His atoning act on your behalf, not with just head knowledge but with true heart knowledge. When you are saved you don’t have choices. You are not yours. You are His. You have been bought with a great price.

In painting when wrong choices are made, a painting will crack, peel or flake. It won’t cure. Its images and color may blur. It’s frustrating, unnerving and must be corrected or thrown away or covered with a thick coat of non penetrating gesso because the work is really useless. The viewers know what they see and it can’t be hidden from them no matter how you try to cover it up or put it out of your mind without taking the proper actions.

Are you a saved Christian? Are you making choices or have you made choices that you think you have the right to make? Have you made choices that have been against God, His word and His will? Are you seeing the fruits of your disobedience to Scripture? Are you even looking? What lasting testimony are you really showing?

We’ve all made wrong choices, said the wrong thing or done the wrong thing. Many of us have tried to correct them and have asked forgiveness. Many of us have failed. Sometimes true forgiveness starts with a review of the inventory, a new commitment and coming back to where you know you should be; putting God first and doing what He wants for you or what you know is right. Running around trying to work on your “new” feel good life and testifying that what the world (friends, working colleagues, siblings and the family you never left, all of those who are in and of the world without a true relationship to God) told you doesn’t mean it’s right and doesn’t mean you are following what God ordained and what you vowed or committed to.

Paintings won’t throw you away. They won’t demean you or tell you that you are the worst “whatever”. If they send your blood pressure high, they won’t keep you in suspense waiting on the edge for a new explosion. They will share and they will comfort. They will be what they are and they will keep their promises of delivering positive messages to your heart.

I remember how after one of my sites went up my friend called me and said he was blown away by the colors and beauty within my works. He was always very complementary about it. Friends engage with you, they don’t engage with others about you and their loyalty is undivided. I’m thankful that I was a friend to him and he was a friend to me!"

“What does it take to have the blind see
We’re so wrapped up in it being about me
Others around us give opinions on what we say
We don’t see their influence getting in the way
The grass greener or we’re unhappy with life
Sure looks better than working out the strife
It won’t hurt anyone only be a difference for me
It’s easier to be blind than let Christ help you see!”

“Great paintings give back some great memories. I hope you’ll take some time and consider the things I’ve written about. Be very careful in your choices and be careful how and by whom you are influenced. Have a great week!”

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Douglas Auld

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mar.20th “Under Watchful Care”


"Think of where you are in history and where you are in life. Has it been all you thought it would be? Has it fallen short of living happily ever after?

Paintings require time, thought, understanding and technical skill unrelated to many of today’s work place task necessities. Yes, I know there are those whose beliefs are that “anything” is art, but sorry you are “Wrong”!

The continuation of an escalating international crisis, the world observance of a nuclear meltdown in progress, and the miniscule power and authority of humans in the midst of catastrophic events is just unbelievable. Wait, our world is a world of selfish greedy, my way, my feelings, meism where people dream and act on what others do around them, and always justify their choices. It’s Ok to trash everything and anybody, rip apart families, friends, neighbors and co-workers because others have done and are doing so and it doesn’t seem to really matter anyway. The value of what we once believed as foundational beliefs can now be thrown away for the sake of getting on with one’s life, feeling better and having one’s own way.

We seem to forget that we’re not alone in this world and our purpose and purposes may not necessarily be what are truly important. We seem to believe that our minds and our hearts will follow what our heads layout as future tangible truths. We forget why we are here and what and to whom we have responsibilities and even made vows to. We tell ourselves we’ll forget the real truth, even though it manifests itself in our own world, our own circumstances and those of our children. We can see it if we look but “act” blinded to the facts. We use terms with people to qualify our positions taking the high road when in fact we’ve done just the opposite in reality. We act like we have ownership as well as control. We can just throw paint on canvas, call it art and tell someone it has meaning.

We hear every day that “our prayers are with them”, “pray for them”, or “we’re praying for them”. Who are all these people praying to? Who are you praying to? The reason we are in this is because of “Genesis 3” and we haven’t stopped rebelling since. He doesn’t listen just because you say you’re praying. You need a relationship with Him. He’s very clear about that. Even if you have one, it doesn’t mean He’ll act on your requests, especially when you have thrown everything back in His face. It’s not about you, your life and your feelings. It’s not about living the lies of what the world says are true. It’s all about Him.

Unlike coming to the point where the painting isn’t developing into what you had envisioned, you can cover it completely with gesso and making it go away. With reality, truth and life our deeds and actions take grips on our hearts and minds. They don’t go away! Like that painting they lie beneath the surface. You can move to recover what was lost; even torn and tattered, worn and ripped or placed in the wrong location. You will need His help and your full dependence on His infinite, awesome power and love to make it a beautiful real framed work once again. The good part is He gets all the credit."

“Never fully acted on the commands He gave and made
Life goes on; other things and people come in and pervade
The world, those around breaks one down with their advice
Not doing what “He said” and never cut ties only builds strife
The fruit born doesn’t fall at one’s doorstep one might say
But non truths, influence and choices always leads the way
Self, pride, and anger will continue to lessen one’s sight
Returning to Him is the first step in doing what’s right!”

“Oh, that the world would look at beautiful paintings, that they could see the true Creator and have a relationship with Him. As our choices take us to our destiny remember truth can be reconciled. Have a wonderful week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mar.13th “Are We There Yet?”

Polluted Cites - Images
AP’s Photo and A Section from one of my Paintings done over 30 years ago - Side by Side

"I was stunned this past week as AP released an image of a polluted city. Over thirty years ago I painted a painting which has about 7 to 10 integrated images, one of which is a polluted city. You’ll see the comparison in the above image. It’s pretty amazing right?

We all were stunned by the images coming from Japan! We’ve never seen anything like this before; the horror, the devastation, radiation leaks, and the potential for nuclear meltdown at five nuclear plants all reacting to an earth quake and tsunami.

We’re reminded as the Bible tells us that in the days of Noah, people were eating, drinking, and marrying, up until Noah entered the ark then the flood came and destroyed them all. Sodom was the same until fire and sulfur rained down on them. It goes on to tell us about the signs of the end of the age in Matthew 24, where many will deceive you, wars and rumors of wars, nation against nation, famines and earthquakes “in various places”, sound familiar. This is the beginning.

Is this the beginning? Are you watching? Are you seeing? Have you got right with the Creator and the Controller of the universe? It’s not “Mother Nature” as some would have you believe, or the world would tell you! Have you asked forgiveness of those you’ve murdered with the tongue or thrown away? Have you looked at the damage you’ve done by following the world deceiving yourself as well as your children? You can you know. He’s waiting on you.

This past week, I was in contact with a woman who’s been through just an unbelievable ongoing experience. Her husband is a brilliant man who was ousted from his job by those who were threatened by his abilities. He launched a new burgeoning enterprise and as soon as it showed signs of success the investor replaced him with his son. He began another venture which has worldwide potential and meets a great need. He has fought, given and endeavored to make this happen to the point of losing everything. He and his wife have and are suffering physically and mentally. Week after week, month after month, investor threat after threat. Yet she has stayed with him, honored him and said that they have seen God’s hand on their lives, have each other, and trust Him for their future.

What a difference between that and what we see in the world where divorce and relationships are tossed for “feelings”, sibling and “family” involvement, and self interest. It’s where children are taught that one should run from their commitments, have abortions, divorce is OK and the world has the right answers. Don’t trust God, completely, make your own choices and testify that the truth you have or now believe in out weights your use to God and by God, giving Him honor, praise, and glory. After all you just want to get on with “your life”.

It’s never too late until it is. Other people’s opinions, your sisters or brothers, new relationships, the grass being greener next door, that new man or woman, won’t replace the truth and doing His will. He’ll only give you the opportunity for so long. He loves you and His Word is completely true. Come on home!"

“We’re told to guard our heart and stay on the path
Opening the wrong door will take us from what lasts
You loved and were loved; you know that very truth
Time to read the signs and stand as His servant Ruth
It may cost a lot and you maybe mocked along the way
The Creator knows your heart and what He had to pay
Come home, come home, come home today!”

“Paintings as well as pictures show us images that directly affect our hearts. Turn around, wake up to what’s going on, and return and honor Him. Have a great week and if you know Him Pray for those suffering around the world and your brothers and sisters In Christ.”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mar. 6th “Choices in a World of Wrong Answers”


"This past January nearly a million visitors on one weekend flocked to Paris’s Grand Palais to see the Monet exhibit. The museum was opened for three continuous days and nights and was so packed many couldn’t overcome the difficulties to see the pictures. Monet’s, one of the world’s greatest and gifted artists, works along with many of his colleagues revolutionized the world of painting.

A month later millions took to the streets of Egypt, the birth place of Pharaoh, Pyramids, and much more to bring down and revolutionize their present day form of government.

For the last two to three weeks works have filled state capitol buildings along with forming marches and protests over collective bargaining. Those same processes are threatening the 9 Billion dollar National Football League where the highest level players stand ready to file a major law suit unless the situation is resolved.

Our government stands on the brink of financial disaster along with a plethora of other major countries of the world.

Gasoline is rising higher than the tides of each storm of winter taking money out of millions who cannot afford it and sending it straight into the pockets of the rich oil companies on pure speculation without any politician raising a word of protest.

I had someone say to me “all I wanted was security”. There is no security in money, the government, fellow human beings, companies, financial institutions, relationships or family. For security we, lie, cheat, steal, walk away from people and throw lifelong promises away all for something that does not exist in this world.

The only security that is available to an individual is knowing and having a relationship with the God of the universe, the Creator, who gave us life, has a plan for us and will ultimately take us to be with Himself."

“People gather to protest and fight day and night
Feelings take over decision thinking that it is right
Throw away lives where relationships break and alter
Not seeing where we’re focused or how we falter
Listen to the gods of this world; accept what they say
Don’t even see the cost or how many will really pay!”

“Monet’s paintings remind us that light exposes life and darkness takes away our vision. Spend some time pondering the light and the darkness and choose light; even if you’ve made choices the world told you were right. Have a great week!!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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