Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oct. 30th “Modigliani, Bling, and Adrian Gonzalez?”


"A few weeks ago I wrote a Burst on artist Amedeo Clemente Modigliani, who was considered after his death an artistic pioneer in depth, 3D, depiction of form and color, especially as a follower of Cezanne. While he is mostly known for his “nude” portrayals of his elongated mask like faces and rounded simplified shapes, he painted many of his clothed models with some classic clothing and a few timeless necklaces. Having watched “the Tourist” again, lately, I decided to put together one of my portrayals of the three beautiful women I characterized in the “ModigThree” which I painted and put on this blog earlier (plus painting listed by Google under “Modigliani woman” under images). This time I would paint her in character of one of the stars of the movie, a type of “Modigliani woman with a necklace”.

As I was doing this rendition, I thought about that scene in the movie where she entered the Ball and everyone there seemingly couldn’t take their eyes off her. Dressed to perfection she was stunning. I continued my thoughts with how most people want everyone to notice them. How that 15 seconds of fame is so big in our country and how kids turn into totally new characters when a video camera is pointed at them.

Having recently viewed a YouTube video on Adrian Gonzalez’s Testimony I was confronted with the truth of the world and the truth of the Bible. Adrian Gonzalez is the first baseman of the Boston Red Sox who signed a seven year $154 million dollar contract. In the video he talks about how important it is to have a personal relationship with Christ and what that relationship means in light of everything else. Money, position, relationships, security, and more can all be lost in a heartbeat, but Christ will never leave you or forsake you. A true relationship following Him brings true joy and can make the complete difference in your life.

As an artist I know that your mind travels and it travels to many areas, past, present, future, real, surreal, and imagined.

Spend real time immersing yourself in a painting that captures your heart. Ponder its meaning and engross yourself until your thoughts are truly occupied by where it takes you.”

“People we know or are related to don’t have all the answers
Many offer up advice from words that have the spin of dancers
Seeking what others have or greener grass won’t truly satisfy
Focusing on showing others who you are may make your words die
It’s so hard to step back and see, to take a whole new gaze or view
Some things are made to die and others are to be born anew!”

“Paintings release details and thoughts of the viewer whether realized or imagined. Seek His choice rather than your own. Have a great week!”

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Douglas Auld

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Oct. 23rd “The Road Traveled”


“The Roads all come before us till Heaven or Hell
The choices that we make time will surely tell
If we truly know Him and seek to do His will
He will never leave us or forsake us, what a thrill
What we see and do along the way He knows
He asks us to stand strong against the worldly foes
Living daily for Him isn’t easy, but it’s the only way
Especially when you realize the price for you He paid!”

“Paintings can en”lighten” you to the twisting roads and colorful, yet temporary surroundings. Seek First! Have a great week!”

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Douglas Auld

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Oct. 16th “Pure Simplicity and Truth”

“The Viewing Seats”

"In a complex, complicated world many are driven every day by pride, greed, money, self gratification, meism, and relationships that are all about them. Marriage, dating, and human interaction has turned into a “till I decide to throw you away”. Once having meaning vows and commitment are only useful in “words” in an outward ceremony where appearance is the end all and be all. The truth is we live in a time where the heart is desperately wicked.

Sometimes simplicity and truth are the hardest to find. When we do find them they can be the hardest to follow. The ugly head of pride always shows up to combat any sense that our actions were wrong and that we actually played a role in some wrong outcome. When others don’t meet our standards, rather than forgive them, we add it to the volumes of accusations we’ve collected to prove our own “rightness’.

Times and thoughts like these are often best put aside to look long and hard at all the surrounding circumstances and situations and visit things in their simplest forms. Complexities and complications brushed away, one needs to spend time looking for simplicity.

Matisse, considered one of the most important artists, became passionate about art. So much so he and a group he was involved with were called “fauves” or “wild men”. Matisse quest was to simplify art into its purest form. He died at 90 years of age still working on his life’s mission.

You can find simplicity and the truth. You must however be willing to accept it without pride, prejudice, or control. You must act on it for it to be truly meaningful. Otherwise, you will remain “the god” on the throne of your own heart.”

“Today’s life is more complicated with each and every day
Often both words and deeds obstruct choices along the way
Pride and self are always at the doorstep hindering the view
We settle in, self satisfied we’ve moved on afresh and new
But who can totally forget true love pushing it utterly aside
Because of what He did you know where peace abides!”

“Paintings can stir the soul and move us to go beyond what we think we are capable of. Hope you find your simplicity and truth. Have a great week!”

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Douglas Auld

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Oct. 9th “Struggles, Perseverance, and Apples”


"In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue!” This week’s designated Holiday for most is “Columbus Day”, brought about by an individual who wrongly or rightly is credited with the discovery of “America”.

We also were confronted this week with the passing of the genius who changed the entire world in his lifetime, Steve Jobs. Jobs was the founder and engine of Apple, Inc. His revolutionary genius and perseverance brought about the individual personal computer and the advent of a world of telecommunications people have only dreamed about.

About a hundred years ago was the passing of a man who many consider one of the world’s greatest artists. He was a man of means, who lived modestly, thanks to his father’s endeavors and a man of perseverance. He too was involved with apples, especially painting them. He once was quoted as saying, “I want to astonish Paris with an apple.” He met and joined with a group of revolutionaries who ultimately turned the world upside down. Through his expansion from technical and traditional structure he explored, observed and created works unlike any before him. The critics made fun of him because what he was doing was too revolutionary. Many artists who came after him credit him with mentoring their own genius. Paul Cezanne was truly one of the world’s great artists.

The lives of many individuals are often criticized by those who don’t understand. They are talked about, lied about and spurned because they just don’t fit the mold of those who would change them.

We’re not asked to be revolutionaries, geniuses, conformists or apple lovers. We’re told to be followers who do the will of Him who was sent to save the world!”

“Why do we fuss and fight and think we discover our way
Why do others tell us what to do and what we are to say
Why do we choose that which leads us to the wrong place
Why can’t we see what’s coming so life won’t be such a waste
Why do you give up convictions for what the world proclaims
Why do you see only after you are confronted with the blame?”

“Paintings can last longer than a lifetime with messages of truth that can help us along our way. Have a great week!”

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Douglas Auld

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Oct.2nd “Real Silk to Metal”

“Not Always Together”

"No one before him had integrated materials in sculpture, specifically silk and metal. But after years of studying, drawing, and painting with his eyes failing, Edgar Degas turned from seeing with his eyes to seeing with his mind and creating with his fingers. His gift of capturing movement came to life in real dances of his metal ballerinas. He never married and at the end of his life he was alone and almost blind.

Life moves and changes and nothing stays the same. The earth and the world around us cry out with the knowledge that time is moving to an ultimate conclusion. Some of us fight the fight of being people who are not of this kingdom. Many of us fail. Many have thrown their principles and beliefs away to be satisfied with momentary, earthly pleasures and false security.

Works likes Degas’s “Young Dancer of Fourteen” can invigorate and awe us by what he had captured and what he shared. As our thoughts travel within us we must move to answering where are we going and what will become of us?

I pray you’ll find the answer that passes all understanding and you will act upon it!”

“Real fabric on metal changed the artist work complete
Staring at the beauty of His work brings us to our feet
The heavens and the earth all witness to His hand
What have you done with your life as a woman or a man
Have you stopped to see Him real and invite Him to stay
Life is ever passing; don’t let the opportunity get away!”

“Paintings evoke personal emotions and involvement which add volumes to our lives. Find one that reminds you how fleeting this world is. Have a great week.”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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