Sunday, November 27, 2011

Nov.27th “Rules, Cracks, Adultery, Re-Marriage”

“External & Internal”

"Oil Painting begins with the knowledge of three rules: “Fat Over Lean”, “Thick Over Thin”, “Slow Drying Over Fast”. Risk the rules and your paintings will reveal cracks, eventually be of no value and your time spent worthlessly!

Why is it that we think we can mock God and take His essential “rules” for partnership and marriage and overrule it for our feel good emotions? The family you grew up in more important than your spouse, kids a priority over your partner, the advice from siblings overruling God’s eternal word, talking and communicating with the world more essential than communicating with each other and making your feelings the priority of your life will all lead you to disaster. All of them together you don’t really have a chance and you don’t even see it coming.

Adultery is adultery and breaking the covenant you made with God isn’t a position you want to hold.

Today’s Christian re-marriage is a joke. After you demonstrate to your children how you would rather destroy a relationship that was put together by God and how to face and handle difficult marital situations, you watch them line themselves up for all you were a part of. Congratulations! Don’t read and study God’s word, listen closely to worldly advisors and find someone who tickles your fancy treats and makes you “feel good” and you’ll soon be on your way down the aisle for a “good” Christian marriage. This is especially true after you’ve taken responsibility for your part in the failed marriage and moved on. We no longer see the scarlet letter as we once did.

Forgive me Oh God! Forgive us Oh God! Wake up my Christian brothers and sisters and take a good look at what’s happening to us and our world. We’ve forgotten that we serve Him and He doesn’t serve us. We’ve forgotten that we’re supposed to glorify Him and do His will. We’ve crossed out that we are just travelers passing through to another kingdom. We’ve made “our” choices, settled in with our siblings and the rest of the world, to be mastered by our sin and that old dragon, the deceiver. How does that apple taste now?

Cracks don’t always show immediately as oil paints take a long time to dry. They do and will show up! You’ve made your choices and you’re happy. To coin Jonathan Edwards it’s not a pleasant thing to fall into the hands of the angry God.”

“I never thought these days would be as they are
Parted, separate ways not even talking from afar
But you and yours wanted this for a long, long time
Not satisfied, outside the clan, changing of your mind
So good bye my love, I will not be with you again
We lost, we lost, so much we had for Him to win!”

“Oil paintings can say so much to each of us when time and care is applied properly from conception to framing. Have a great week. My thoughts are with you!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Nov. 20th “In Everything Give Thanks!”

“It’s More Than About You!”

"“Sorry!” but “… every circumstance give thanks for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus” (1 Thes.5:18) That’s a lot to think about! Think about some of your circumstances, what you are going through and what you’ve been through.

John MacArthur speaks about it this way, “In everything, verse 18 says, give thanks, in everything. It's in the Greek en pante(?),it has the idea of in connection with everything that comes along in life. It's just very, very broad. It has no limits. It has no confines. No matter what it might be give thanks. Anything that isn't sin...obviously sin falls outside the purview of that command as it does in rejoicing. We certainly “always rejoice” wouldn't rejoice in sin and in everything giving thanks “wouldn't give thanks for sin”. But apart from that, everything else should precipitate an attitude and an expression of thanks to God. As we saw in Romans 1:21 thanklessness is a characteristic of people who are outside the Kingdom of God. In fact, in 2 Timothy chapter 3, you probably should add this expression of man's fallenness, they are, according to verse 2, lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, etc., etc., treacherous, reckless. In all of the litany of what defines unregenerate people, right in the middle is thanklessness.

There's a driving foolish philosophy today, you hear people say it all the time, you can be anything you want to be, you can do anything you really want to do. Which isn't, of course, true at all. But this sort of garrisons man's mind against fatalism which is the idea that the reality is you can't do anything you want to do, you can't have anything you want to have, you can't achieve anything you want to achieve. It's not the way life works. But rather than deal with that kind of fatalism, we believe a lie and launch off into a fantasy world believing what down in our hearts we know is not true. “

I believe a lot of those that claim they are “His” are no different, chasing their own will over the “will of God for you in Christ Jesus.” Rather than it be a happy week of eating, watching TV, seeing friends and family, being on the net, or talking on the phone incessantly, maybe it’s time to reflect on your own position on giving thanks and the will of God for you and your obedience to Him!” (Happy Day Lyrics)

“Forget what’s in the past, take ownership then move away
So its “Happy Thanksgiving” let everyone have their say
But in your heart give thanks for everything for it is His will
In good and bad He’s in total control, be silent and be still
Have a thankful attitude before the people the worldly kind
Do His will and you will have peace and understand His mind!”

“Paintings express the thoughts and mind of the artist’s heart and they can transpose your views to help you see and check the truthfulness of your own heart. I’m thankful you visited. Have a great “Thankful Week”!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Nov. 11th “Thank You For Your Service”

“Thank You For Your Sacrifice”

“The Country called, duty cried out, the need came to pass
From all over this land men and women answered the task
Not knowing the outcome or answering with an outward fear
They gave and give not looking for single personal cheer
They went to other lands some near and some far away
Giving themselves to duty and honor with any price to pay
Do we fathom the sacrifice of those who suffered for us all
Do we understand how precious freedom, not letting it fall
Do we grasp how little we give, yet enjoy all that was done
Truly knowing what was given up by each and every one
How many mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, families gave
How a life time of heartache on so many roads were paved
Have you ever seen rows of crosses lying endless in fields
Each a representation of a life or lives to duty they did yield
We’re all been caught up in meaningless things we say and do
All pales in contrast to those who paid the cost for me and you
Cry out and thank them and theirs for what’s been done
Ask God to heal and be with them with Him becoming one
Ask Him for forgiveness and to heal and help our land
Ask Him to bless those who gave and hold us in His hand!”

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXI Auld, Ltd

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nov. 6th “Light Changes The Scene”


"The affect of “Light” on the subject, the intensity, the color all play a great part in a painting. One of the most important elements in a painting is how light penetrates. Its use can dramatically alter the appearance, the meaning, and the mood of any created work. It allows the artist to convey his or her expression and the painting to be viewed properly.

Men are more careful to do things that are right, act more properly, and be more careful when light is present. Darkness and shadow leave room for things that are not lawful, not right and for a thought process that falls far short of what we are called to do and to be.

Often we don’t even see the darkness we participate in for many reasons. We’re caught up in ourselves, we’re not listening to whom we should, or our focus is in the wrong place.

The Bible tells us that Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12 Also in John 3:19 it states, “This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.”

The world, men and all of us need more light because the world, what it says and what it preaches is still evil and what it does affects and influences all of us. Following it is wrong, no matter if you think it makes you happy. You can change the rules and tell people how wonderful things are, but light will always uncover darkness.

“Oh, Happy Day, when Jesus washed my sins away!” (Happy Day Lyrics)

“Tick tock, tick tock the world treads slow but is moving still
We pick and choose what we want not considering His will
We don’t want criticism or truth to stand before us to say
That we have danced with darkness and chosen its way
But apples and fruit are already bursting forth from the tree
For that which is born in our children doesn’t make them free!”

“Seeing the light and its power in a painting can help us grasp the truth and how important it is to live it out daily. Hope there is more light in your life and not just temporary feel good situations. Have a great week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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