Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feb.27th “Oh, The Times...”


"I listened to a Pastor the other day describe how his father and his grandfather sat around a table and really struggled with how two witnesses were going to be seen by the whole world at once. At that time they had no idea, no concept, and no clue about satellite TV which literally makes that idea true and possible today.

He talked about how the person at the crow’s nest in the Titanic forgot his binoculars and when he cried out about the iceberg to the captain no one really heard or paid attention to him. He talked about 1970 when we gave up exploring for oil and refining oil in our own country to be at the mercy of foreign governments totally influencing our economy. He was demonstrating just how blind and self serving we are that when we are involved in the middle of something we don’t even see it. He noted about marriage and couples and relationships and sons and daughters and grandparents. He talked about how we’ve hurt each other and made choices that have lasting affects both now and in eternity.

And this week rather than enjoy the beauty of a work that another human being has created, we see humans killing their own countrymen for money, power and position. This week rather than hear about the beauty of the paradise that so many think New Zealand to be, we see another week of buildings and human structures, crumpling and human death tolls devastated by another earthquake.

Stare deep into a beautiful painting and ask yourself some serious questions. What is the artist trying to tell me? Take that same approach and watch the news, read the internet buzz, look at the trends, look at your choices, see what’s happening in your own family or now that “multiple family” because it’s been broken up and take a deep breath. Wake Up! What is the Master artist trying to tell “you”?"

“The three money’s sit in that same position
Hear, See, and Say without any real decision
Not You; you don’t have to be that way at all
You can email or pick up that cell phone and call
You can tell someone about the warning signs
You can show them how to have peace of mind!”

“Paintings make it possible to open a doorway to our mind. Conversation and communication can open doorways to one’s heart. Trust you’ll have a good week and you’ll ponder how you can Wake Up someone close to you. Take good care!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feb. 20th “Get On With My Life”

“Gull Over Glass Sea”

"Last week we talked about friends hurting, relationships, a friend who is under arrest for the murder of his wife, and glory to God.

I wanted to give you a little more insight. Whether you’ve been told you’re the worst husband, wife, mother or father, whether ranted or raved at, trashed to your own kids or whether someone has been to some doctor, councilor or friend who has taken it upon themselves to tell them you are wacked, wrong, or diagnosed with some disorder without even meeting you, it’s not too late to go and ask for forgiveness and purpose to let God repair and rebuild you back together.

But pride is an amazing thing. You’ve been wronged. You’ve been hurt and now you want what you want for you. You said no to your husband or your wife and you said no to God, let alone trashed your vows.

Another friend used to say that when a woman comes into marriage she has in mind that he’ll be perfect when I change him just a little; and when a man comes into marriage he has in mind that she will never change. He then states that invariably they both will be wrong.

Malachi 2: 10-17 speaks volumes about how God feels about breaking faith with the partner of one’s youth. It states He “hates divorce”! He wants godly offspring.

What has been and what will be the consequences of your actions? God is not mocked! How is your peace? How’s your guilt? How’s what’s happening in your life? Have you seen or are you seeing your children change? Have they abandoned faith and the teachings they were taught? What are you demonstrating to them in your teaching? Will they see you now pursuing wrong relationships that cast you into adultery or witness to the fact that all you taught them was a lie? The world’s direction and Hollywood’s answers don’t cut it with God. Seeing your dependence on ungodly, non-believers council, which is the council of the world, is unacceptable to Him. You may want to read chapters 3 and 4 of Malachi as well.

Sometimes one’s efforts when starting a painting take a lot of intense thought, labor, and execution. Sometimes all that work gets trashed because one can’t seem to change it or the choices made are not taking the viewer where the artist thought he would take them. At times an artist just has to stop and take the gesso out and paint over all those hours of work, coming back and starting over. You rant and rave, grumble and snarl, but a beautiful thing lay just around the corner. In relationships this only happens with God’s careful leading and not by blind choices of family, friends or others."

“Nothing compares to the relationship I have with You
Getting a glimpse Your perspective makes everything new
Asking and receiving guidance to make my paths straight
Makes me stop completely, pondering on You as I truly wait
Help me see Your hands at work on my behalf each day
Let me learn what to do and what You want me to say!!”

“Look for the messages deep within the paintings of life. Understand that all your choices impact not only you, but others as well. Have a great week till we talk again soon!!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feb, 13th “Words, Deeds, Actions”

“All In One”

"We all engaged in these three words, in fact that’s exactly what I am doing now. Sometimes we’ve all had success with them and we’ve all experienced miserable failures.

Artist Painters actual use these terms indirectly as the words of their minds and their visions come together. Then they execute what their vision is and what their actions produce: a work that comes to a point where they know that their endeavor is complete and vision has become reality.

That’s not what I want to talk about today though. I’ve had a few days that seem to have as much turmoil as what’s going on across the world. I’ve been involved with some friends who seem to be having their lives torn apart. Some are having sickness and health issues; some are questioning their abilities and relationships; and some are in circumstances way beyond their control. Another fiend is torn up about a relationship that has three kids and partner that controls every movement, every deed and seems to wants to control ever breath. If that’s not enough, I had heard another friend and his wife had been shot and decided to see if there was an update so I “Google” the local TV station and entered his name. He’s been arrested for killing his wife.

For some of us believing a certain way our lives are to “serve God and bring glory to His Name”. And, for many of us, including myself, we’ve fallen really short. As Paul said, move forward.

What is it about relationships that we don’t do what our words were, “love, honor, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live, and not just words but these were and are vows to God. Our deeds and actions that follow often take us down a road with no repair or at least that’s what the world tells us. We’re supposed to follow what the world says, right. Not exactly, let’s just say, “NOT AT ALL”! Jesus put it in a way when he was asked about divorce. “What are you crazy, haven’t you heard what God has put together no man must separate.” Read it for yourself. Yet we would rather choose to have no more feelings for our spouse and trash them, then ask God’s help and repair the relationship and bring glory to Him.

What if my friend had chosen to plead with his wife to bring glory to God. Would that have been painful? I’m sure it would have. Would it require change? I’m sure it would have. All of it would have taken time, energy and a new commitment, but in the end God would have been glorified. If more people were to chose this path many would be shown a better way, marriage would be a healthier institution, and children would not have been introduced to beliefs being worthless. And most of all in my friends case, his wife would have been alive and they could be in a repair mode instead of the tragedy and heartache and pain that now endures.

Instead of getting on with our own selfish lives, choosing that the family we were to leave is more important than the family God formed, losing our feelings, following our worldly friends and giving the worldly answer, putting our own interest in front of what God wants. Maybe, just maybe, our words our deeds and our actions should serve Him and His purposes and bring glory to God."

“God knows all about us whatever we’re to say or do
He doesn’t need our sacrifices He already sacrificed for you
He’s told us how to live and to follow His living Word
We’re not to play at life; paying no mind to what we’ve heard
He’s given His Spirit to live a life that counts for Him
We just got to make new choices; His glory and not sin!”

“Paintings are the visions of the artist; we’re God’s true vision through His Son. Have a week that you choose to serve and bring glory to Him. Think about some of the choices you’ve made and are making. It’s not too late. Have a great week till next time.”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feb. 6th “Feelings Nothing More Than Feelings”

“Swans Morning Swim”

“There was a popular song with the title of this “Burst” in the lyrics. For many they have often rolled around in one’s head on several occasions. I looked the word “feelings” up on the net and there are about 8 different definitions from several dictionaries. Certainly if you were presented with your favorite chocolates you might experience a number of these definitions such as “the sensation of the perception of touch”; “the physical sensation of an emotional state” or the “the capacity to experience the higher emotions”. There is one definition which much of our society and the world embrace “the opinion based more on emotion than on reason”.

We see this definition at work every day and certainly we have seen it played out this past week with all that is in rebellion in Egypt. We’ve also seen it in the faces, hearts and lives of those who are experiencing the overwhelming weight of the snow on a large part of our country. Food, shelter, clothing, jobs, work, cars, family, possession, relationships, travel all of which is and has been affected by the emotions caused by the repeated snow weighing on the hearts, homes, buildings, and live of those affected by these things.

Certainly the finding and acquiring of a great painting is so personal that emotions can far outweigh reason. There is one other element that weighs in on this as well as other decisions and choices. That element is love. But love is a choice and you choose to love. Love is not feelings. When the snow gets heavy and unbearable, the frustration overwhelming and at a breaking point, and the stress continually grinding upon your very being, think about love. God is love and to know God is to know love. Love can overcome, if you choose to let it."

“We look around and think why don’t we have this or that
Can’t figure out why we chose a path over that left us flat
Don’t understand how we seem to have lost our way
Life left us disappointed as we didn’t have enough to play
Believe that if we get feelings we’re in control that day
Love is a choice not a feeling no matter what you say!”

“See the love in the paintings you engage with and your emotions and reason will stay intact. Have a great week! We look forward to talking with you again!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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