Sunday, February 6, 2011

Feb. 6th “Feelings Nothing More Than Feelings”

“Swans Morning Swim”

“There was a popular song with the title of this “Burst” in the lyrics. For many they have often rolled around in one’s head on several occasions. I looked the word “feelings” up on the net and there are about 8 different definitions from several dictionaries. Certainly if you were presented with your favorite chocolates you might experience a number of these definitions such as “the sensation of the perception of touch”; “the physical sensation of an emotional state” or the “the capacity to experience the higher emotions”. There is one definition which much of our society and the world embrace “the opinion based more on emotion than on reason”.

We see this definition at work every day and certainly we have seen it played out this past week with all that is in rebellion in Egypt. We’ve also seen it in the faces, hearts and lives of those who are experiencing the overwhelming weight of the snow on a large part of our country. Food, shelter, clothing, jobs, work, cars, family, possession, relationships, travel all of which is and has been affected by the emotions caused by the repeated snow weighing on the hearts, homes, buildings, and live of those affected by these things.

Certainly the finding and acquiring of a great painting is so personal that emotions can far outweigh reason. There is one other element that weighs in on this as well as other decisions and choices. That element is love. But love is a choice and you choose to love. Love is not feelings. When the snow gets heavy and unbearable, the frustration overwhelming and at a breaking point, and the stress continually grinding upon your very being, think about love. God is love and to know God is to know love. Love can overcome, if you choose to let it."

“We look around and think why don’t we have this or that
Can’t figure out why we chose a path over that left us flat
Don’t understand how we seem to have lost our way
Life left us disappointed as we didn’t have enough to play
Believe that if we get feelings we’re in control that day
Love is a choice not a feeling no matter what you say!”

“See the love in the paintings you engage with and your emotions and reason will stay intact. Have a great week! We look forward to talking with you again!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXI Auld, Ltd

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