Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jan.30th “Not The Crazy Lazy Days Of Summer”

“Social Contact”

"Do you believe what is going on all around the world and here in our country? The Northeast is getting socked like there is no tomorrow with storms rolling through New England about every Tuesday and Saturday. Plowing is leaving the snow at the top of the stop signs. There are more fires, break-ins, car crashes, robberies and freezing weather than people have ever seen before. Heating oil prices are putting millions at risk. Greed is at an all time high. Marriages are breaking like sticks and people are making up their own vows because nothing matters to them. Do you realize for the first time in our history new coins are being released that do not have “In God We Trust on them”. Is there a clue here?

The world is tweeting its way into chaos. Egypt has its own new revolution storm as do most countries in the Middle East. The killing, looting raping is unbelievable. China is a world juggernaut, doing what it wants, where it wants and with whom it wants, laughing all the way. North Korea keeps threatening and who can forget what’s going on in Haiti.

One nation under God, to have and to hold till this day forth, doctrine, where are we going and what have we been teaching our kids? What’s being preached from the pulpits? You can go to jail in Taxachusetts for disciplining your kids. Is there anyone home; is there anyone listening?

If you know, then you know where we’re headed and if you don’t; find out from someone who does.

We can still tell people there is hope. We can still love the way we should and we can still forgive and get back to where we should be. But for some their pride, their ego, their blindness and their choices will not allow them peace, comfort and the right relationship.

As great as paintings are for transporting us to our God given memories which act as positive influences, we’ve only just begun to see true realism."

“The Night is slowly draping her wings around the earth
Most humans miss the meaning of His significant birth
Most think that God is here to serve the ways of men
God in man’s image is something that didn’t happen when
Wake up to the facts, look beyond your world and feelings
There is only One who can truly bring about healing!”

“We desperately need the positives that paintings provide to our lives, but even more we need Him!
Have a great week, stay warm and ponder your relationships. Till Next time!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXI Auld, Ltd

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