Sunday, April 24, 2011

Apr. 24th “Reconciled”


" Hallelujah, He is Risen indeed! The weekend isn’t about bunny rabbits, candy, ham, egg hunts, egg painting, family dinners, vacations, holidays, traditions, sales, records, baseball, sports, shopping, so on and so forth. Get real it’s about God! God is the Almighty One, who is so awesome, beyond all of our feeble understanding and so overwhelmingly good as well as holy and just.

Put your brain in gear and think! A holy God who can’t look upon sin sends Himself in Jesus to be the perfect one and only acceptable sacrifice to this abominable sin filled planet and places the sins past, present and future on His Son Jesus to pay man’s penalty of death. Through that payment with His overwhelming forgiveness He reconciles His children to Himself defeating death through their faith, confession and heart belief.

We run around chasing our fantasies, live in sin and pride, following the world’s lies, throwing spouses, children, family and friends away. We lose our “feelings’, listen to others who have no Godly clue, make foolish choices, terminate our vows, tell others how good we are and how bad our partners are, judge others as to the level of how sorry they are, sit in church worried about how others look at us while we hold Almighty God with contempt for not giving us a happily ever after life. We forget how much we loved someone, how much they loved us, how important they are and were to us. We don’t even really recognize how people went to war for us, gave their lives and their endeavor for our opportunity to live in this country. We throw God out of our schools, our homes, our communication and our need of forgiveness.

Why can’t you forgive? Why can’t you reconcile? Why can’t you go back? Why can’t you see? Why, why, why? You know exactly why! You haven’t set yourself, your pride, your protection from hurt, your sinful path, or your misunderstanding of your purpose or God’s purpose for you to even consider what He has done for you! Can you get a scope of Him and His Son Jesus?

Go to a quiet, private place, go to Him and pour yourself out to Him! God is a spirit and you are to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Let yourself connect with Him in spirit and in truth. Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart and ask Him to lead you in all truth!

You may not get the answer “you” were looking for or thought you would, but maybe, just maybe you will get the answer you need to take action upon. Don’t miss that opportunity!

May this week be a change for you, a new beginning, forgiveness, a move to reconciliation and a whole new understanding of what Easter is truly all about!"

“We’ve messed up so many times and in so many ways
Running without understanding, not numbering our days
Living with a foot here and a foot there trying to satisfy
Chasing this and that till almost everything runs dry
Stressed by life and those we trusted most close to us
Searching for the answers, always making such a fuss
The struggle life gives and the wrestle of outside attacks
Don’t see them coming but set us up for life out of whack
Awesome Jesus, He remains faithful and true in everyway
Constantly beckoning for His purpose which is the only way!”

“Paintings can remind us of the awesome calling and responsibilities we have on our lives. Think hard, put everything aside and communicate new and fresh with His purpose, not your own in mind! He came to give us life! Have a wonderful day and week ahead.”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Apr.17th “What Did He See?”


"The world of “point and shoot cameras” and “personal video camcorders” would have had a field day. The media would have run the story about some eccentric individual who came into town riding on a donkey. They would have continued with the number of guppy people who laid down old clothes and grabbed palm branches placing them before him. You Tube would have had about 2 million hits by the end of the first day with the greatest majority laughing and ridiculing this strange occurrence.

The only visual records can be found in artistic interpretations and most based on the 21 Chapter of Matthew account. Under the chapter title: “The Triumphant Entry”. As it is “Palm Sunday”, I wanted to give you a visual sense of that scene which I have provided above. I used a technique where I layout the visual in a classical approach, then use oils to under-paint the background and highlight the total surface. I then add another dimension using Impasto. Impasto is a term that refers to a technique in painting of applying thick layers of paint by brush or by palette knife giving it a sense of sculpture and making a physical statement. Often it gives weight and movement along with visual space, almost adding a new dimension.

“Christians” specifically identify this particular Sunday as it precedes Easter. It’s a strange occurrence G. Campbell Morgan, noted Biblical commentator, puts it. “He once and once only manifests His Kingship to the crowds”. Morgan continues, “Looking at the triumphal entry from an earthly kingship standpoint, it was characterized by weakness and poverty with an obscure man, a beast of burden, and a shouting mob from another territory.”

Morgan offers the point that He, Jesus, must have seen many things which were out of harmony with the Kingdom of heaven. Men and women angry, unfaithful and deceitful, adulterers, poor parents, home wreakers, slanderers, self seekers, unforgiving and disloyal to vows and promises, mixed in with those striving to live and do the will of the Father.

What do you think He saw? What does He see in you? Here’s a time you can say good bye to that unholy relationship, connect with your children, connect with your parent, reach out to old friends and family, ask for forgiveness and start fresh and new, reconcile. Morgan says “He never closes the door in the face of a sinner. He waits only until the sinner closes that door for himself.”

It’s not too late!"

“Did you ever interpret the signs, see really what wasn’t said
Always run from real communication, called someone else instead
Did you expect because you didn’t see it your way it may not be
Not everyone takes words and actions and calls it arrogance you see
He’s the only one that can change and open each and every door
Only He can change your heart and make you truly ready for more!”

“Applying more paint in thick layers must be used as a technique not a cover up. Take time this important week to ponder and think on His Word, His Promises and Your responsibilities. Have a wonderful week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Apr. 10th “Choose Wisely”

“Two Become One”

"There are numerous times when artists had to conform to survive, progress, and succeed; if that was at all possible. Like all of history, choices always played a major role. Michelangelo autographed his first and only sculpture after over-hearing critics credit his work to another artist. That same artist made choices and changed several sculptural portrayals in a major commission from the Pope of the Catholic Church because his own beliefs did not agree with the church. Rubens tore up most of his last large scale painting commissions because people expected and were disgruntled when they didn’t get his old style of work. A group of renegade artists rebelled against the suppression of a system run by one person who set all standards for paintings. These painters finding new freedom from “paint in tubes” created an entirely new movement along with the representation of light and color never before seen in paintings.

Each artist faces choices every time he or she applies paint to canvas. Their viewers choose to embrace, reject, become indifferent, or completely ignore the works that lay before them. An artist painter executes his or her craft within realms of structure and disciplines to make paintings work along several directions. Without proper structure and control the finished canvas fails completely. The choices they make determine much of their opportunity to create successful, satisfying works of art.

God set down principles that He wanted followed in the realm of marriage. “It is not good for man to be alone.” He created a suitable helper and He commanded that they leave their mother and father and become one flesh.

Unfortunately for our society we live in a cursed, fallen world just as Genesis 3 states. We want to point the finger at everyone else accusing them of all the wrongs. We take no responsibility for our own actions, and we make choices we have no right to make. We care more about what others have to say than what God says.

Even in something as simple as viewing paintings, we don’t look at a painting seeing its meaning, its real beauty, its love or the effort in which every fiber of the artist’s being went into creating it. We no longer see the concept, the color, the beauty, the vitality, and the true communication of the work. We just get ourselves all worked up. If it affronts our vanity, we really get upset as we assume it’s all about us. We don’t want anyone else to see it and we radically prevent our hearts from seeing and understanding its real true revelation.

We are blinded when we say we no longer have “feelings” for someone we loved. Love comes from a choice not from feelings. Feelings follow love; love does not follow feelings. We choose self. We choose our way. We choose to forget God’s path and principles and follow the world and its truth. We’ll even demonstrate and pass on to our children the consequences of our actions and our new set of false beliefs. Throw away what you were originally taught because if the world does it’s O.K. It’s all throw away marriage, a throw away relationship and throw away belief systems. This is done for our own false perception that we have some kind of control and for falsely perceived selfish gain. It’s our choice and we deserve it.

We forget who’s really pulling the strings against our partners and our families to break down these vital elements to our human existence. Under the foolishness of misguided understanding and years of sinning against each other, we choose self rather than work it out with God’s help. So many choose to throw it out and throw it in God’s face. Job’s wife did when she said, “Curse God and die.” Lots wife did when she wouldn’t obey what she was told and chose her own way which resulted in her becoming a pillar of salt. You don’t choose your children over your husband or wife; and you don’t choose your old family over becoming one with the partner of your youth and the family you start together. Today we are furthering the decay of the institution of marriage as God designed it and dismissing the truth of God as He laid it out, irrevocable and unchangeable.

You have a choice and you can choose to curse God and die. You can choose to be a pillar of salt. You can choose to lose your “feelings” and get on with “your own life”. No matter if you are contemplating choices that lay before you or seeing consequences you are already confronting because of your false choices, you can choose God’s way and the truth. It’s not too late. It will not be easy as the evil one will fight to bring you back. Yet, it is the right thing to do and the most rewarding thing to do for both now and eternity because it honors and follows God’s commands! No matter what the cost and no matter who told you otherwise, obedience is what God is looking for from each of us. Yes sin can and does tear us apart, but God can make something far more beautiful out of clay that wants to be molded by His hands!"

“When you first choose to be in love and you were all that
Was there ever a wrangle or ruffle; was there even a spat?
Did you love each other’s company, weren’t they the one
No matter what was said; just being with them was fun
Then the days of matrimony of vows and promises made
Soon sin caused the heart to close and love elects to fade
Becoming one is a process, ongoing to be worked upon
Allowing sin to be unchecked turns love to pride and scorn!”

“Look beyond, look deep into a painting and you see what’s really said! Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. Have a great week and take your heart to the right level. Till next time, Thank you!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXI Auld, Ltd

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Apr.3rd “Broken Communication”

“Broken Communication”

" Paintings communicate messages! If you find they don’t then you’re either not in tune with what they are saying, don’t have your mind cleared to receive heart mail, or the paintings are not worth their salt. Great paintings deal with something that is a part of you and forge an ongoing relationship. Even if they bring you to an emotional peak, they age well, giving you more and more each day you encounter them.

Those messages need to be positive. Ever notice how you feel on a bright sunny day with perfect temperature? Compare that with dark gloomy overcast or some storm that’s beating the mess out of you.

Painting relationships offer many of the same characteristics as personal relationships. If you’re positive you encounter more, reach out more, and react better. People who are positive have better health, more hope, and better outlook on life. If you’re negative, you are pessimistic, often depressed, and are always waiting for the shoe to drop. A lot of negative people have numerous ever changing and related physical and mental health issues. If you’re controlling, you’re never fully satisfied, you’re wanting and you have to be the center of attention either being the object of that attention or controlling the conversation to the point you speak for others. Negative people feed well with others who have a similar outlook, negative energy breeds negative feelings.

Christ came to let us know the truth. He came to set us free. He came to bring us back into a right relationship. We live in a fallen world where “the prince of the power of the air” controls much of the images and the influences we encounter every day. He endeavors to destroy relationships, marriages, families, situations and circumstances. His activities are centered on taking our minds away from what we know is the truth, what we know is right and a true understanding of God and His working plan for the reconciliation of mankind.

Most of our world and our culture are following that fallen angel, Satan to destruction. Most people say things like “this family will not break up”, when all they have really been doing is laying the seeds for breaking it up. Proverbs 14:1 says, “The wise woman builds her house, but with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.” The same principle lies at men’s doorstep as well.

We take no time to recognize God and His infinite power to heal and overcome. We give Him no chance at changing circumstances and events to bring about the changes that are necessary. We so forget to call out to Him. Instead we take the word of others around us that the grass is greener and it’s about me, my feelings, and my life. We just accept what the world (Satan) says, “You will not surely die.” We would never ask for forgiveness and seek reconciliation. Instead we offer no apology, no empathy, no servant hood, no loyalty, and no honor, we just “file for a breaking of a relationship’; because suddenly our feelings aren’t the same or someone is no longer meeting our standards. Even relationships put together by God for God’s purpose are trashed because expectations haven’t been met; someone else has turned our head; or a vote was cast by friends and family that tell you to go on with “your” life and forget all the rest. How selfish are we? How blind are we? How stupid are we?

We so forget that Christ came into this depraved, fallen world as a servant to do the will of Him who sent Him. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have eternal life.

Wake up, wipe the crust from your eyes, stop the flow of lies, look and listen, it’s not too late for you to get right, to correct that broken communication, and do the will of Him who has purchased you!"

“You know April 1st is considered April Fool’s Day
But who really plays that fool and who really pays
Is that pride always just in front of all your words
More time talking than listening to what you heard
Living out with feelings leading, going on with one’s life
Broken communication is always polluted with strife!”

“The value of great paintings lays in the memories and positives they deliver to your heart. Spend some time thinking but don’t wait too long to act. Have a great week. Look forward to talking with you again soon!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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