Sunday, April 10, 2011

Apr. 10th “Choose Wisely”

“Two Become One”

"There are numerous times when artists had to conform to survive, progress, and succeed; if that was at all possible. Like all of history, choices always played a major role. Michelangelo autographed his first and only sculpture after over-hearing critics credit his work to another artist. That same artist made choices and changed several sculptural portrayals in a major commission from the Pope of the Catholic Church because his own beliefs did not agree with the church. Rubens tore up most of his last large scale painting commissions because people expected and were disgruntled when they didn’t get his old style of work. A group of renegade artists rebelled against the suppression of a system run by one person who set all standards for paintings. These painters finding new freedom from “paint in tubes” created an entirely new movement along with the representation of light and color never before seen in paintings.

Each artist faces choices every time he or she applies paint to canvas. Their viewers choose to embrace, reject, become indifferent, or completely ignore the works that lay before them. An artist painter executes his or her craft within realms of structure and disciplines to make paintings work along several directions. Without proper structure and control the finished canvas fails completely. The choices they make determine much of their opportunity to create successful, satisfying works of art.

God set down principles that He wanted followed in the realm of marriage. “It is not good for man to be alone.” He created a suitable helper and He commanded that they leave their mother and father and become one flesh.

Unfortunately for our society we live in a cursed, fallen world just as Genesis 3 states. We want to point the finger at everyone else accusing them of all the wrongs. We take no responsibility for our own actions, and we make choices we have no right to make. We care more about what others have to say than what God says.

Even in something as simple as viewing paintings, we don’t look at a painting seeing its meaning, its real beauty, its love or the effort in which every fiber of the artist’s being went into creating it. We no longer see the concept, the color, the beauty, the vitality, and the true communication of the work. We just get ourselves all worked up. If it affronts our vanity, we really get upset as we assume it’s all about us. We don’t want anyone else to see it and we radically prevent our hearts from seeing and understanding its real true revelation.

We are blinded when we say we no longer have “feelings” for someone we loved. Love comes from a choice not from feelings. Feelings follow love; love does not follow feelings. We choose self. We choose our way. We choose to forget God’s path and principles and follow the world and its truth. We’ll even demonstrate and pass on to our children the consequences of our actions and our new set of false beliefs. Throw away what you were originally taught because if the world does it’s O.K. It’s all throw away marriage, a throw away relationship and throw away belief systems. This is done for our own false perception that we have some kind of control and for falsely perceived selfish gain. It’s our choice and we deserve it.

We forget who’s really pulling the strings against our partners and our families to break down these vital elements to our human existence. Under the foolishness of misguided understanding and years of sinning against each other, we choose self rather than work it out with God’s help. So many choose to throw it out and throw it in God’s face. Job’s wife did when she said, “Curse God and die.” Lots wife did when she wouldn’t obey what she was told and chose her own way which resulted in her becoming a pillar of salt. You don’t choose your children over your husband or wife; and you don’t choose your old family over becoming one with the partner of your youth and the family you start together. Today we are furthering the decay of the institution of marriage as God designed it and dismissing the truth of God as He laid it out, irrevocable and unchangeable.

You have a choice and you can choose to curse God and die. You can choose to be a pillar of salt. You can choose to lose your “feelings” and get on with “your own life”. No matter if you are contemplating choices that lay before you or seeing consequences you are already confronting because of your false choices, you can choose God’s way and the truth. It’s not too late. It will not be easy as the evil one will fight to bring you back. Yet, it is the right thing to do and the most rewarding thing to do for both now and eternity because it honors and follows God’s commands! No matter what the cost and no matter who told you otherwise, obedience is what God is looking for from each of us. Yes sin can and does tear us apart, but God can make something far more beautiful out of clay that wants to be molded by His hands!"

“When you first choose to be in love and you were all that
Was there ever a wrangle or ruffle; was there even a spat?
Did you love each other’s company, weren’t they the one
No matter what was said; just being with them was fun
Then the days of matrimony of vows and promises made
Soon sin caused the heart to close and love elects to fade
Becoming one is a process, ongoing to be worked upon
Allowing sin to be unchecked turns love to pride and scorn!”

“Look beyond, look deep into a painting and you see what’s really said! Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness. Have a great week and take your heart to the right level. Till next time, Thank you!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXI Auld, Ltd

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