Sunday, April 17, 2011

Apr.17th “What Did He See?”


"The world of “point and shoot cameras” and “personal video camcorders” would have had a field day. The media would have run the story about some eccentric individual who came into town riding on a donkey. They would have continued with the number of guppy people who laid down old clothes and grabbed palm branches placing them before him. You Tube would have had about 2 million hits by the end of the first day with the greatest majority laughing and ridiculing this strange occurrence.

The only visual records can be found in artistic interpretations and most based on the 21 Chapter of Matthew account. Under the chapter title: “The Triumphant Entry”. As it is “Palm Sunday”, I wanted to give you a visual sense of that scene which I have provided above. I used a technique where I layout the visual in a classical approach, then use oils to under-paint the background and highlight the total surface. I then add another dimension using Impasto. Impasto is a term that refers to a technique in painting of applying thick layers of paint by brush or by palette knife giving it a sense of sculpture and making a physical statement. Often it gives weight and movement along with visual space, almost adding a new dimension.

“Christians” specifically identify this particular Sunday as it precedes Easter. It’s a strange occurrence G. Campbell Morgan, noted Biblical commentator, puts it. “He once and once only manifests His Kingship to the crowds”. Morgan continues, “Looking at the triumphal entry from an earthly kingship standpoint, it was characterized by weakness and poverty with an obscure man, a beast of burden, and a shouting mob from another territory.”

Morgan offers the point that He, Jesus, must have seen many things which were out of harmony with the Kingdom of heaven. Men and women angry, unfaithful and deceitful, adulterers, poor parents, home wreakers, slanderers, self seekers, unforgiving and disloyal to vows and promises, mixed in with those striving to live and do the will of the Father.

What do you think He saw? What does He see in you? Here’s a time you can say good bye to that unholy relationship, connect with your children, connect with your parent, reach out to old friends and family, ask for forgiveness and start fresh and new, reconcile. Morgan says “He never closes the door in the face of a sinner. He waits only until the sinner closes that door for himself.”

It’s not too late!"

“Did you ever interpret the signs, see really what wasn’t said
Always run from real communication, called someone else instead
Did you expect because you didn’t see it your way it may not be
Not everyone takes words and actions and calls it arrogance you see
He’s the only one that can change and open each and every door
Only He can change your heart and make you truly ready for more!”

“Applying more paint in thick layers must be used as a technique not a cover up. Take time this important week to ponder and think on His Word, His Promises and Your responsibilities. Have a wonderful week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXI Auld, Ltd

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