Sunday, April 24, 2011

Apr. 24th “Reconciled”


" Hallelujah, He is Risen indeed! The weekend isn’t about bunny rabbits, candy, ham, egg hunts, egg painting, family dinners, vacations, holidays, traditions, sales, records, baseball, sports, shopping, so on and so forth. Get real it’s about God! God is the Almighty One, who is so awesome, beyond all of our feeble understanding and so overwhelmingly good as well as holy and just.

Put your brain in gear and think! A holy God who can’t look upon sin sends Himself in Jesus to be the perfect one and only acceptable sacrifice to this abominable sin filled planet and places the sins past, present and future on His Son Jesus to pay man’s penalty of death. Through that payment with His overwhelming forgiveness He reconciles His children to Himself defeating death through their faith, confession and heart belief.

We run around chasing our fantasies, live in sin and pride, following the world’s lies, throwing spouses, children, family and friends away. We lose our “feelings’, listen to others who have no Godly clue, make foolish choices, terminate our vows, tell others how good we are and how bad our partners are, judge others as to the level of how sorry they are, sit in church worried about how others look at us while we hold Almighty God with contempt for not giving us a happily ever after life. We forget how much we loved someone, how much they loved us, how important they are and were to us. We don’t even really recognize how people went to war for us, gave their lives and their endeavor for our opportunity to live in this country. We throw God out of our schools, our homes, our communication and our need of forgiveness.

Why can’t you forgive? Why can’t you reconcile? Why can’t you go back? Why can’t you see? Why, why, why? You know exactly why! You haven’t set yourself, your pride, your protection from hurt, your sinful path, or your misunderstanding of your purpose or God’s purpose for you to even consider what He has done for you! Can you get a scope of Him and His Son Jesus?

Go to a quiet, private place, go to Him and pour yourself out to Him! God is a spirit and you are to worship Him in spirit and in truth. Let yourself connect with Him in spirit and in truth. Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart and ask Him to lead you in all truth!

You may not get the answer “you” were looking for or thought you would, but maybe, just maybe you will get the answer you need to take action upon. Don’t miss that opportunity!

May this week be a change for you, a new beginning, forgiveness, a move to reconciliation and a whole new understanding of what Easter is truly all about!"

“We’ve messed up so many times and in so many ways
Running without understanding, not numbering our days
Living with a foot here and a foot there trying to satisfy
Chasing this and that till almost everything runs dry
Stressed by life and those we trusted most close to us
Searching for the answers, always making such a fuss
The struggle life gives and the wrestle of outside attacks
Don’t see them coming but set us up for life out of whack
Awesome Jesus, He remains faithful and true in everyway
Constantly beckoning for His purpose which is the only way!”

“Paintings can remind us of the awesome calling and responsibilities we have on our lives. Think hard, put everything aside and communicate new and fresh with His purpose, not your own in mind! He came to give us life! Have a wonderful day and week ahead.”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXI Auld, Ltd

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