Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1st “Ah The Royal Wedding”

“According To God’s Holy Law”
Photo of Royal Wedding at the exact moment Princess Catherine says the above words!

"What pictures, what technology, what an opportunity happened last Friday amidst all the pomp and circumstance as much of the entire world watched Prince William and Princess Catherine make vows to each other and to God, witnessed by men. They signed the record and presented themselves to the world of 2 billion interested television onlookers and upwards of two million personal spectators.

What beauty, what pictures, what history that all of England and the world is celebrating, the commentators stated. This is where the happiness begins. This is a fairy tale.

In the audience of onlookers that day were billions of stories of both jubilance and disappointment, over vows taken, vows followed and vows forsaken.

G. Campbell Morgan, in his commentary on Matthew 19, states “that we see Christ’s stance and recognition of the sacredness and sanctity of the marriage relationship; and that any attempt to break it is wrong. It is solemn and makes no dissolution of the bond made except for one sin”.

What does this say to the church of Jesus Christ, especially here in the USA, who are turning and have turned their backs on these solemn promises, listening and following the world that says “divorce is OK and based on your feelings”? They go on with their lives as if nothing had happened and noting really changed. Back in the church, back to work, it must be God’s will as I want to get on with “my life”.

What can those who commit to breaking down this sacred institution and forgetting their responsibilities and promises expect from their future, their word, and their testimony?

What does it say to the millions of Christian offspring who will now forget what they were taught, follow other principles, other gods, and forsake the course God had for them all because of the choices made by those who abandoned following God’s command about the safeguard of this intuition.

Was this a fairy tale marriage? I don’t think so. That’s the world’s message again and the deceit of the evil one. The Bible relates that marriage will continue even to the point of Christ’s return. Friday’s magnification of the institution and the sacredness of its intent reminds of the tragedy going on today.

Honoring and following God’s principles and commands as well as employing His love through you to overcome all attempts to destroy marriage is paramount. For those who have had their world destroyed, torn apart and have been pushed into undesirable positions, Christ Jesus is the only healing. Through Him forgiveness, reconciliation, restoration, as well as new directions are all possible when we choose His way and His purpose above “our own” and all that others have for us.

It’s not too late for anyone! Christ and His love for you can make it all possible, but in order for His will to be done your obedience is essential!"

“We certainly forget how we were when relationships get started
The vows that were shared, the commitment never to be parted
Life comes and goes; time and priorities do nothing but fall apart
Soon thereafter changes eat away the commitments of the heart
One day appears, orchestrated by others and the world were in
Creates the opening of discontentment always leading to acts of sin
But we know the wages of sin are death and each one of us must pay
And even though God forgives those payments do not go away!”

“Pictures and paintings tell us a thousand words and millions of messages. It takes great courage, commitment, and trust to follow what you committed to against the odds the world puts up. Trust and obey! Don’t only ponder the truth; act on it. Have a great week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXI Auld, Ltd

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