Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22nd “Just –OK Marriage”

“Family at the Beach”

"Many families are fortunate to have kids. Many are fortunate to have time together and have it be meaningful. The painting above is and impressionist expression of a memorable time together for a family that once had meaning.

In her article “The Curse of the Just-OK Marriage”, Caroline Campion explains in author Pamela Haag’s most recent book “Marriage Confidential” that she had an OK marriage to a wonderful husband but questions led her to survey 2000 other people, all of whom came to the same conclusion she had about her “feelings”. “After years of kids, years and the relationship, myself as well as those I surveyed haven’t felt fulfilled and are left with the question is that all there is? With all the romantic ideas, experts in compatibility and of course the feminist revolution shouldn’t marriages be better. It seems like they are not.”

Here it is again, the world looks for worldly solutions. Unfortunately Christians don’t offer much of an alternative because they also are wrapped up with worldly judgments and looking for worldly solutions. One group is totally selfish, misinformed and has a knowledge base that says the women’s movement should make a difference. The other group has the solution but for some reason can’t or won’t get their hearts to work with their heads in disobedience.

The Bible says Christians are to be salt and light to the world! Instead we’re asking for their advice and worse we’re following it. How many Christians actually believe what they promised? How many Christians stand up, communicate and stand by their conviction? We’re too busy talking on the phone and making plans with our siblings to ask and be with our partners. We’re too busy listening to others who are selling out their relationships. We’re too busy worried about ourselves and how the world sees us to face any bad news and work through it with God. Basically we’ve sold out to the world, turned our backs on our relationships with our partners and our relationship with the Lord. How much do we pray together? How much do we study together? How much do we communicate with each other before the Lord. We’d rather malign or take a poll about our spouse than sit down and have prayer and a real conversation. We’re more interested in going to dinner at the relatives than dining before the Lord and seeking His advice and putting Him first. As long as we can get away, have what we want, play and feel good we’re fine, thank you very much.

But we’re not fine are we? We’ve broken our vows. Said and committed wrongs toward our mates; judged them on how they repented; and sought out some so called expert to tell us that the partner of our youth has some brain disorder.

Jesus says come I will give you rest. Come and I will give you wisdom. Come and I will heal your brokenness and create something new and wonderful. But we don’t even hear it anymore! We’re too busy wanting to go on with “our own life” which by the way was purchased by Jesus for His use, whether in sickness or in health, hurt, pain, brokenness, even death; all for His honor and His glory not ours.

So the memories and the unfulfilled marriages go on or come apart. It’s our will and not His. Yet, we’re in church the week after the divorce with the “new” friend. It’s a total mockery! When will we Christians wake and get right? When will we Christians set our pride and anger apart and get before Him and ask Him what He wants? We already know His answer and it’s not what we want to hear so we’ll go to the beach instead.

Come to Jesus, Come to Jesus, Come to Jesus and live! You won’t have to find or worry that you’ll “feel” unfulfilled by your marriage, or by your relationship to God."

“Time moves on and only some thoughts will last
Everyday words and prayers are made on your behalf
What’s keeping you from your relationship with Him?
Pride, selfishness, something you don’t consider sin
Never really seeing what was truly going on each day
Never finding the answers to help you on your way
Man has his plans, but God’s plans stand firm!”

“Paintings can have a special connection between artist and the viewer. God wants a special connection with us, an unbroken one. Have a great week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXI Auld, Ltd

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