Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jan. 16th "Not Just Holding Hands"

“Petits Pétales Des Fleurs”

"A lot has happened this week; snow all over the country at the same time except for Florida, Parole Boards fired, more speeches, name calling in sports and politics, and the major tragedy that happened in Arizona. It seems like every day there is more and more from every direction to cause our minds to go to the question, “What is going on?”

If you take a careful look at our history you will see that we were a nation founded on the principle of religious freedom. Freedom is what we have been about and what we fight for both internally and externally. The difference is today like no other time in our history families are torn apart for the sake of freedom. Before it was wrong to divorce, wrong to cheat, wrong to have affairs, wrong to be totally me oriented, wrong not to try to work things out. People were supposed to leave the family they grew up with and start a new family of their own. People spent time in that family eating meals and being together. Families went to church together and their beliefs were together and not a pick and choose whatever you like and throw away the rest. All the stuff of the world has dictated what we watch, what we sing, the music we listen to and the messages our subconscious’s believe. People stood for their faith and did not look at the person next to them and accept that they trashed their spouse, spent more time in bars then at home, or spent all their time on the phone with siblings and then complained that their partner never had time for them. They even had a sense of partnership over meism.

Not today! We’ve thrown that away for the love of self. My world, my life, my wellness and me all overshadow even a sense of servant hood. We no longer trust God and even though we’ve moved Him out for money we’re finding that money isn’t anywhere near the answer.

I heard a person say this week, “God created memories to keep giving us hope, keep us positive, and keep showing us that our lives are not in our control.” We sold out to the world and can’t quite figure out why we keep having and seeing what we do.

Great paintings provoke memories. The memories are of days of love and care and concern. The memories give us a peace and a pride in better times when it wasn’t all about us. The memories can even drive us to forgiveness and reconciliation even for those with the most pride and hardest of hearts.

Find a good painting that brings memories and ponder your relationship with the Almighty Creator of the Universe. It will be worth it."

“Why can’t we see why won’t we look deep within
Why do we immediately blame others for our sin
Why do we have to have this or be seen like that
Why don’t we put our partners first in any spat
Why can’t we asses what’s happens all around us
Why can’t we take responsibility for what we bust?”

“Find a painting that makes your memories feed your heart. It will bring a lifetime of positives to your doorstep. Have a great week and thank you!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMX Auld, Ltd

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