Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jan. 9th “So much Sight; So little Insight!”

"Miles 2 Go"

"Here we go! Isn’t it comforting to know that the “lawyer lawmakers” have your best interest at heart! This week here in the great state of Taxachusetts our lawmakers openly announced that they “feel our pain”. Astonishingly they decided not to come up with a new tax but to sacrifice for the good of the people of the Commonwealth. The average lawmaker in the big house makes about $62 grand and each is not going to take as much; give themselves a cut. They even seemed a little sorry they had raised their own pay almost every year. Well, maybe they weren’t that sorry. Led by the grand Bo Ba, they all decided to jump on the wagon. Then, they actually announced it to the public! It’s a wonder the people didn’t rise up and elect them to another term. The population of Taxachusetts is around 6,200,000 and there are 200 State legislators plus the grand Bo Ba. The great pay cut of 2011 is about $307 per legislator and about $700 for the Grand Bo Ba. Wow, can they afford this drastic $6 per week slashing of their pay? So the state will now save 200 times $307 or $61,400 plus another whopping $700 which brings the grand total to around $62,100, just a monster of difficulty for these poor folks.

I suggest they hold a lottery where they identify and select 621,000 taxachusetts citizens. They then could have them on their own money come to the state house where each of them would get one tea bag. This would be just another overwhelming show of generosity by our lawmakers to help people in the state make it through the worst recession since the depression. Like other programs from our state nepotism and bribery may deplete the number of tea bags that were available for those 621,000 lucky citizens. Other than that this is after all a great way to connect with our past as tea bags are in our history. Unfortunately today, they’ve turned into lawmakers.

This whole episode parallels how people are involved for the most part with paintings. People acquire them because they match a pillow, are purchased at some “fraudulent starving artist sale” or have someone buy it for them. In other words there is no connection with the painting other than it has some color applied to canvas. There is no feeling other than the “happy feelings” the world sets our lives to, or it’s just something that fills an empty space on the wall. Gone are the days people tried to work things out and find the meaning and the answers. Gone are the days that structure, discipline, belief and truthfulness meant anything. Gone are the days that in spite of any issue you didn’t cash it in or walk away but you worked through it and saw the vale that lay directly before you. Mostly gone are the days we actually cared for each other over the selfish outward show.

We really need to take the time to not only evaluate what others are doing and saying, but carefully review and consider what we have done and what we have said instead of offering superficial teabags."

“You’ll never know the hurt and pain you offered up
Threw away time and reason for a superficial cup
Thought you’d go on living life totally fresh and new
Forgot who you were following and what it would do
Your choices halt the futures of others you don’t see
And you gave it all up telling yourself you’d be free!”

“Great paintings can connect with you, filling your life with the reasons to go beyond your own self interest. Have a great day and week! Talk with you soon.”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMX Auld, Ltd

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