Sunday, January 2, 2011

Jan.2nd “Happy New Year”

“Happy New Year”

“You’ve made it; you’ve reach 2011, here now each day
What will the New Year bring; what will it have to say
What changes or challenges will you face; what will you pay
Will those choices you made haunt you in many new ways
Will you seek and do what’s right even though it costs
Will you take back your pride and recover what you lost
Will you rethink the paths you’ve shown others to follow
Don’t you even see what lays before them on the morrow
Will you forge ahead as the world lays it all out for you
Or will you seek Him first and get answers you know are true

The days are always filled with tests, hopes, and our dreams
Some will come true and others will fail and make you scream
Time will fly faster as it always moves quicker than one thinks
Some days will have the scent of flowers others will truly stink
He can always guide, uphold, and bring what He wants about
You must put off the world and let Him get rid of all the doubt
Get right, seek Him, and see the way the changes come a new
He is always with you and picks you up to carry you through!”

Douglas Auld

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