Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feb, 13th “Words, Deeds, Actions”

“All In One”

"We all engaged in these three words, in fact that’s exactly what I am doing now. Sometimes we’ve all had success with them and we’ve all experienced miserable failures.

Artist Painters actual use these terms indirectly as the words of their minds and their visions come together. Then they execute what their vision is and what their actions produce: a work that comes to a point where they know that their endeavor is complete and vision has become reality.

That’s not what I want to talk about today though. I’ve had a few days that seem to have as much turmoil as what’s going on across the world. I’ve been involved with some friends who seem to be having their lives torn apart. Some are having sickness and health issues; some are questioning their abilities and relationships; and some are in circumstances way beyond their control. Another fiend is torn up about a relationship that has three kids and partner that controls every movement, every deed and seems to wants to control ever breath. If that’s not enough, I had heard another friend and his wife had been shot and decided to see if there was an update so I “Google” the local TV station and entered his name. He’s been arrested for killing his wife.

For some of us believing a certain way our lives are to “serve God and bring glory to His Name”. And, for many of us, including myself, we’ve fallen really short. As Paul said, move forward.

What is it about relationships that we don’t do what our words were, “love, honor, in sickness and in health, as long as we both shall live, and not just words but these were and are vows to God. Our deeds and actions that follow often take us down a road with no repair or at least that’s what the world tells us. We’re supposed to follow what the world says, right. Not exactly, let’s just say, “NOT AT ALL”! Jesus put it in a way when he was asked about divorce. “What are you crazy, haven’t you heard what God has put together no man must separate.” Read it for yourself. Yet we would rather choose to have no more feelings for our spouse and trash them, then ask God’s help and repair the relationship and bring glory to Him.

What if my friend had chosen to plead with his wife to bring glory to God. Would that have been painful? I’m sure it would have. Would it require change? I’m sure it would have. All of it would have taken time, energy and a new commitment, but in the end God would have been glorified. If more people were to chose this path many would be shown a better way, marriage would be a healthier institution, and children would not have been introduced to beliefs being worthless. And most of all in my friends case, his wife would have been alive and they could be in a repair mode instead of the tragedy and heartache and pain that now endures.

Instead of getting on with our own selfish lives, choosing that the family we were to leave is more important than the family God formed, losing our feelings, following our worldly friends and giving the worldly answer, putting our own interest in front of what God wants. Maybe, just maybe, our words our deeds and our actions should serve Him and His purposes and bring glory to God."

“God knows all about us whatever we’re to say or do
He doesn’t need our sacrifices He already sacrificed for you
He’s told us how to live and to follow His living Word
We’re not to play at life; paying no mind to what we’ve heard
He’s given His Spirit to live a life that counts for Him
We just got to make new choices; His glory and not sin!”

“Paintings are the visions of the artist; we’re God’s true vision through His Son. Have a week that you choose to serve and bring glory to Him. Think about some of the choices you’ve made and are making. It’s not too late. Have a great week till next time.”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMX Auld, Ltd

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