Sunday, February 27, 2011

Feb.27th “Oh, The Times...”


"I listened to a Pastor the other day describe how his father and his grandfather sat around a table and really struggled with how two witnesses were going to be seen by the whole world at once. At that time they had no idea, no concept, and no clue about satellite TV which literally makes that idea true and possible today.

He talked about how the person at the crow’s nest in the Titanic forgot his binoculars and when he cried out about the iceberg to the captain no one really heard or paid attention to him. He talked about 1970 when we gave up exploring for oil and refining oil in our own country to be at the mercy of foreign governments totally influencing our economy. He was demonstrating just how blind and self serving we are that when we are involved in the middle of something we don’t even see it. He noted about marriage and couples and relationships and sons and daughters and grandparents. He talked about how we’ve hurt each other and made choices that have lasting affects both now and in eternity.

And this week rather than enjoy the beauty of a work that another human being has created, we see humans killing their own countrymen for money, power and position. This week rather than hear about the beauty of the paradise that so many think New Zealand to be, we see another week of buildings and human structures, crumpling and human death tolls devastated by another earthquake.

Stare deep into a beautiful painting and ask yourself some serious questions. What is the artist trying to tell me? Take that same approach and watch the news, read the internet buzz, look at the trends, look at your choices, see what’s happening in your own family or now that “multiple family” because it’s been broken up and take a deep breath. Wake Up! What is the Master artist trying to tell “you”?"

“The three money’s sit in that same position
Hear, See, and Say without any real decision
Not You; you don’t have to be that way at all
You can email or pick up that cell phone and call
You can tell someone about the warning signs
You can show them how to have peace of mind!”

“Paintings make it possible to open a doorway to our mind. Conversation and communication can open doorways to one’s heart. Trust you’ll have a good week and you’ll ponder how you can Wake Up someone close to you. Take good care!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMX Auld, Ltd

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