Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mar. 6th “Choices in a World of Wrong Answers”


"This past January nearly a million visitors on one weekend flocked to Paris’s Grand Palais to see the Monet exhibit. The museum was opened for three continuous days and nights and was so packed many couldn’t overcome the difficulties to see the pictures. Monet’s, one of the world’s greatest and gifted artists, works along with many of his colleagues revolutionized the world of painting.

A month later millions took to the streets of Egypt, the birth place of Pharaoh, Pyramids, and much more to bring down and revolutionize their present day form of government.

For the last two to three weeks works have filled state capitol buildings along with forming marches and protests over collective bargaining. Those same processes are threatening the 9 Billion dollar National Football League where the highest level players stand ready to file a major law suit unless the situation is resolved.

Our government stands on the brink of financial disaster along with a plethora of other major countries of the world.

Gasoline is rising higher than the tides of each storm of winter taking money out of millions who cannot afford it and sending it straight into the pockets of the rich oil companies on pure speculation without any politician raising a word of protest.

I had someone say to me “all I wanted was security”. There is no security in money, the government, fellow human beings, companies, financial institutions, relationships or family. For security we, lie, cheat, steal, walk away from people and throw lifelong promises away all for something that does not exist in this world.

The only security that is available to an individual is knowing and having a relationship with the God of the universe, the Creator, who gave us life, has a plan for us and will ultimately take us to be with Himself."

“People gather to protest and fight day and night
Feelings take over decision thinking that it is right
Throw away lives where relationships break and alter
Not seeing where we’re focused or how we falter
Listen to the gods of this world; accept what they say
Don’t even see the cost or how many will really pay!”

“Monet’s paintings remind us that light exposes life and darkness takes away our vision. Spend some time pondering the light and the darkness and choose light; even if you’ve made choices the world told you were right. Have a great week!!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXI Auld, Ltd

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