Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mar.20th “Under Watchful Care”


"Think of where you are in history and where you are in life. Has it been all you thought it would be? Has it fallen short of living happily ever after?

Paintings require time, thought, understanding and technical skill unrelated to many of today’s work place task necessities. Yes, I know there are those whose beliefs are that “anything” is art, but sorry you are “Wrong”!

The continuation of an escalating international crisis, the world observance of a nuclear meltdown in progress, and the miniscule power and authority of humans in the midst of catastrophic events is just unbelievable. Wait, our world is a world of selfish greedy, my way, my feelings, meism where people dream and act on what others do around them, and always justify their choices. It’s Ok to trash everything and anybody, rip apart families, friends, neighbors and co-workers because others have done and are doing so and it doesn’t seem to really matter anyway. The value of what we once believed as foundational beliefs can now be thrown away for the sake of getting on with one’s life, feeling better and having one’s own way.

We seem to forget that we’re not alone in this world and our purpose and purposes may not necessarily be what are truly important. We seem to believe that our minds and our hearts will follow what our heads layout as future tangible truths. We forget why we are here and what and to whom we have responsibilities and even made vows to. We tell ourselves we’ll forget the real truth, even though it manifests itself in our own world, our own circumstances and those of our children. We can see it if we look but “act” blinded to the facts. We use terms with people to qualify our positions taking the high road when in fact we’ve done just the opposite in reality. We act like we have ownership as well as control. We can just throw paint on canvas, call it art and tell someone it has meaning.

We hear every day that “our prayers are with them”, “pray for them”, or “we’re praying for them”. Who are all these people praying to? Who are you praying to? The reason we are in this is because of “Genesis 3” and we haven’t stopped rebelling since. He doesn’t listen just because you say you’re praying. You need a relationship with Him. He’s very clear about that. Even if you have one, it doesn’t mean He’ll act on your requests, especially when you have thrown everything back in His face. It’s not about you, your life and your feelings. It’s not about living the lies of what the world says are true. It’s all about Him.

Unlike coming to the point where the painting isn’t developing into what you had envisioned, you can cover it completely with gesso and making it go away. With reality, truth and life our deeds and actions take grips on our hearts and minds. They don’t go away! Like that painting they lie beneath the surface. You can move to recover what was lost; even torn and tattered, worn and ripped or placed in the wrong location. You will need His help and your full dependence on His infinite, awesome power and love to make it a beautiful real framed work once again. The good part is He gets all the credit."

“Never fully acted on the commands He gave and made
Life goes on; other things and people come in and pervade
The world, those around breaks one down with their advice
Not doing what “He said” and never cut ties only builds strife
The fruit born doesn’t fall at one’s doorstep one might say
But non truths, influence and choices always leads the way
Self, pride, and anger will continue to lessen one’s sight
Returning to Him is the first step in doing what’s right!”

“Oh, that the world would look at beautiful paintings, that they could see the true Creator and have a relationship with Him. As our choices take us to our destiny remember truth can be reconciled. Have a wonderful week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXI Auld, Ltd

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