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Mar. 27th “Friends Influence”


"Painting is a process, an experiment of ongoing techniques and challenges. So many people think it is just a simple act of applying paint to a surface. Each medium has its own uniqueness and each medium offers up its own reward. Painting often parallels life, new relationship, an old relationship, an introduction. Relationships demand a comfort level that comes with some mastery, are all in some stage, are always venturing on never standing still and are always beckoning for more.

I had a real close friend pass away this week. He’s been battling a lot for quite a while. In his last couple of years even though a follower for many years, he’d really come to know, put first and commit his whole self and life to God. In his suffering he was always speaking to someone the truth of having a relationship with God which is only possible through Christ. He had seen a lot in life and in people. He’d been hurt deeply. In seeing and being involved in many relationships. He never fully understood how two people who had so much together could but often wouldn’t strive to work out difficulties especially if they claimed Christ as Savior. He had a great heart.

Being saved by God who paid the sin penalty for all the world is a gift. Unlike some who would have you believe you can earn it by works or by doing “good”, it is a gift. It means you must believe in Christ and His atoning act on your behalf, not with just head knowledge but with true heart knowledge. When you are saved you don’t have choices. You are not yours. You are His. You have been bought with a great price.

In painting when wrong choices are made, a painting will crack, peel or flake. It won’t cure. Its images and color may blur. It’s frustrating, unnerving and must be corrected or thrown away or covered with a thick coat of non penetrating gesso because the work is really useless. The viewers know what they see and it can’t be hidden from them no matter how you try to cover it up or put it out of your mind without taking the proper actions.

Are you a saved Christian? Are you making choices or have you made choices that you think you have the right to make? Have you made choices that have been against God, His word and His will? Are you seeing the fruits of your disobedience to Scripture? Are you even looking? What lasting testimony are you really showing?

We’ve all made wrong choices, said the wrong thing or done the wrong thing. Many of us have tried to correct them and have asked forgiveness. Many of us have failed. Sometimes true forgiveness starts with a review of the inventory, a new commitment and coming back to where you know you should be; putting God first and doing what He wants for you or what you know is right. Running around trying to work on your “new” feel good life and testifying that what the world (friends, working colleagues, siblings and the family you never left, all of those who are in and of the world without a true relationship to God) told you doesn’t mean it’s right and doesn’t mean you are following what God ordained and what you vowed or committed to.

Paintings won’t throw you away. They won’t demean you or tell you that you are the worst “whatever”. If they send your blood pressure high, they won’t keep you in suspense waiting on the edge for a new explosion. They will share and they will comfort. They will be what they are and they will keep their promises of delivering positive messages to your heart.

I remember how after one of my sites went up my friend called me and said he was blown away by the colors and beauty within my works. He was always very complementary about it. Friends engage with you, they don’t engage with others about you and their loyalty is undivided. I’m thankful that I was a friend to him and he was a friend to me!"

“What does it take to have the blind see
We’re so wrapped up in it being about me
Others around us give opinions on what we say
We don’t see their influence getting in the way
The grass greener or we’re unhappy with life
Sure looks better than working out the strife
It won’t hurt anyone only be a difference for me
It’s easier to be blind than let Christ help you see!”

“Great paintings give back some great memories. I hope you’ll take some time and consider the things I’ve written about. Be very careful in your choices and be careful how and by whom you are influenced. Have a great week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMX Auld, Ltd

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