Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feb. 20th “Get On With My Life”

“Gull Over Glass Sea”

"Last week we talked about friends hurting, relationships, a friend who is under arrest for the murder of his wife, and glory to God.

I wanted to give you a little more insight. Whether you’ve been told you’re the worst husband, wife, mother or father, whether ranted or raved at, trashed to your own kids or whether someone has been to some doctor, councilor or friend who has taken it upon themselves to tell them you are wacked, wrong, or diagnosed with some disorder without even meeting you, it’s not too late to go and ask for forgiveness and purpose to let God repair and rebuild you back together.

But pride is an amazing thing. You’ve been wronged. You’ve been hurt and now you want what you want for you. You said no to your husband or your wife and you said no to God, let alone trashed your vows.

Another friend used to say that when a woman comes into marriage she has in mind that he’ll be perfect when I change him just a little; and when a man comes into marriage he has in mind that she will never change. He then states that invariably they both will be wrong.

Malachi 2: 10-17 speaks volumes about how God feels about breaking faith with the partner of one’s youth. It states He “hates divorce”! He wants godly offspring.

What has been and what will be the consequences of your actions? God is not mocked! How is your peace? How’s your guilt? How’s what’s happening in your life? Have you seen or are you seeing your children change? Have they abandoned faith and the teachings they were taught? What are you demonstrating to them in your teaching? Will they see you now pursuing wrong relationships that cast you into adultery or witness to the fact that all you taught them was a lie? The world’s direction and Hollywood’s answers don’t cut it with God. Seeing your dependence on ungodly, non-believers council, which is the council of the world, is unacceptable to Him. You may want to read chapters 3 and 4 of Malachi as well.

Sometimes one’s efforts when starting a painting take a lot of intense thought, labor, and execution. Sometimes all that work gets trashed because one can’t seem to change it or the choices made are not taking the viewer where the artist thought he would take them. At times an artist just has to stop and take the gesso out and paint over all those hours of work, coming back and starting over. You rant and rave, grumble and snarl, but a beautiful thing lay just around the corner. In relationships this only happens with God’s careful leading and not by blind choices of family, friends or others."

“Nothing compares to the relationship I have with You
Getting a glimpse Your perspective makes everything new
Asking and receiving guidance to make my paths straight
Makes me stop completely, pondering on You as I truly wait
Help me see Your hands at work on my behalf each day
Let me learn what to do and what You want me to say!!”

“Look for the messages deep within the paintings of life. Understand that all your choices impact not only you, but others as well. Have a great week till we talk again soon!!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXI Auld, Ltd

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