Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mar. 28th “…and Miles to Go!”

Size: 16" X 24" Giclee' on Canvas Hand Embellished by Artist; Certified & Limited From "The Abstract Collection". - Click HERE - Find the ENLARGED paintings with details, pricing, shipping and more as well as my comments on the paintings.

" I finished a painting recently and the title has stuck with me. I couldn’t help but think of the band of birds flying in all their precision going somewhere. That title reminds me of Robert Frost and the title of his famous poem, “Miles to go before I sleep”.

We’re all going somewhere. We’re always moving in one way or another. Our minds, our actions, our deeds, always have travel involved. We love to be here rather than there or we love to be there rather than here. No matter what you think, what you are working on or wherever you find yourself, there’s always miles to go.

As you already know it’s one of the great reasons I love paintings and I love to paint. Not only do I get to travel; but I also get to stay here. Great thoughts, ideas, messages and the communication of paintings are part of the painting author’s story as it unfolds right before your eyes.

Refresh yourself and sit, stand and don’t travel for a few precious minutes, look deep and engage a painting that engages you. You’ll definitely travel and where you travel will be one of your best trips in a while. Best thing is you can continue on your journey next time you face off with that painting again."

“Here and there, requirements each and every day
Trying to schedule all of it and not lose your way.
What’s the priority; what has to be absolutely done?
So much going on, you forgot to schedule some fun
But wait, if you would but stop and take some time,
Engage with a painting and rest your weary mind!”

“Have wonderful week, take some time for yourself and be thankful no matter what circumstance or situation you find yourself in. There is always someone who is not as fortunate as you.”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMX Auld, Ltd

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