Sunday, June 27, 2010

Jun 27th ”To The Sea to See Eternity”

Size: 5" X 7" Giclee' on Canvas Hand Embellished by Artist; Certified & Limited From "The Frosted Mini Collection". - Click HERE - Find the ENLARGED paintings with details, pricing, shipping and more as well as my comments on the paintings.

" Days of summer come around with humid flashes of heat and bursts of sunlight that dance the day away. They build when morning breaks and creep or crawl till the Sun looks down over all around you. Then quickly, ever so quickly afternoon sets in and before you know it the sun is yawning and pulling its soft blanket of nighttime over itself leaving us with the ever present nightlight turned on until it wakes the next day.

During its reign we give thought to this or that and are pulled in every direction. One thought unfolds one answer and leads our mind to the next folder which is directly related to the question which caused us to try to uncover what we had stashed away in the file cabinet of our mind. One simple thought can unfold a panorama of endless treasures of experiences, relationships, travels, friends and family.

Engaging with a painting on those days of summer can tell us what we want to experience again, remind us of what has been away from our most precious thoughts, or lead us to a place of refreshment and renewal.

Early comes the day and early comes the night and with all that is in between beauty is all around us.

God willing, we’ll talk more about this in the future."

“Finding my way to ponder before the living sea
Takes me to so many places I really love to be
Breathing deep the air, taking in all the scents
Gifts me with the feeling, I’m truly happy I went
Seeing the color and watching waves come to be,
All giving me a glimpse of the coming eternity!”

“Open up to the beauty and power that paintings give to your life. May you find them and treasure them as they will give you more than you give them. Have a great week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMX Auld, Ltd


  1. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, a good understanding have all those who do His commandments Psm 111:10

    Thank you for your comments!!
    Douglas Auld

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