Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oct 31st “What Do You See?”

"I rose early and headed to one of my favorite spots for the sunrise. Every time it is beautiful in a whole new way, at least to some of us.

As I parked and looked all around as usual, the first of the visitors, human, arrived. He popped out of his little SUV and gathered all his camera paraphernalia for the expectant observance. Back and forth he arranged himself between benches finally taking a position on his knees. He draped something over the bench where he could take that shot of a lifetime. Not at all settled he went back and forth for coffee, a parka, a blanket, a magazine and of course a stroll here and there to see if one better position was available.

Next came the second observer with his binoculars inspecting every inch of land and sea as far as his head would move in either direction. Coffee sipping and radio at a good blast he sat comfortably in the driver seat with the motor on and I believe the heat blasting.

Somewhere in between stopped a young woman who opened the car door took a picture and drove away.

After that, the dance started to unfold with reds against the darkness of night. A fairly solid ribbon of clouds stood atop the horizon line. They gave way to the sky which had a few brushstrokes of cloud cover whisking their way as they traveled through the scene. As the intensity of the coming drama clarified, those brushstrokes turned them from grays to magenta. The smaller strokes that guarded the suns entrance door intensified with a mixture of yellow and white. The sky played in by turning into a powerful cyan backdrop.

I opened the window and said to the binocular guy, “Wow is that beautiful!” To which he answered, “Well, I come here every day.” I retorted, “And it’s beautiful and new each day it takes place” and then I rolled the window up.

The drama and the colors kept up their performance as all colors and changes intensified.

I guess at that point, the guy with the camera had enough as he packed all his gear and left. I wanted to yell at him and say,” Hey wait a minute; you’re going to miss the best part”. I let him go as he wouldn’t have ever heard me over the binocular guy’s motor and radio.

And then, the tops of that ribbon sitting on the horizon at the entry to the coming sun seemed to have been lit on fire as the sun outlined those clouds. That outline exaggerated itself down the entire face of each cloud as the hot spot of eye weakening sun started to peak through. As the sun formed a circle and dominated every aspect of the scene as far as the eye could see, it was time to retreat or have your pupils burned out of your head.

Binocular man left, probably seeing just another sunrise, ho hum.

And me, well I tried to drive away with those spots of light planted in front of my eyes from what I had just experienced. I couldn’t help but think how blessed I was to see that magnificent reminder of our Creator’s hand as well as those observations of the human race.

Some look and see. Some look and don’t see. Some know what’s going on and some don’t. Some try every sort of position and manipulation to get something that may or may not be valuable. Some buy everything and then end up missing the best part. Some stop by for a look and some for a quick shot. Some ride by never even seeing what’s around them. Some stop by, don’t have a clue why and think everyday it’s the same. Some even get their pupils burned.

If you get a chance look, see, stare, gaze, ponder and reflect, and then thank God for everything in which He allowed you to participate."

“Hello, are we there yet, you’ve heard it before
Stop, smell the roses, look out from every door
Stay the course; fight for what you vowed to do
Look at life; look at people; look at things anew
Observe life and all those who really live each day
Be thankful for all things and all who come your way!”

“Great paintings remind you everyday of what’s truly important! They can mark your life. When you find such a pearl of great worth acquire it. Have a wonderful and productive week.”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMX Auld, Ltd

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