Sunday, August 21, 2011

August 21st “Assuming”

“Storm Brewing”

"The process for painting starts with a concept, idea, or vision. It can be spontaneous or part of some series of continual related subjects. It then moves to a series of drawings and I believe a creative plan of execution. There are thousands and thousands of variables, but the clearer the focus on the vision the clearer the execution. The more focused you are on the vision, the more lucid the execution of that vision. You have to take many of your assumptions and throw them away. Too often we get distracted by meaningless talk, and meaningless ideas of others. When thoughts and real facts aren’t given credence, we tend to build things that seem perfectly logical in our own mind, but in truth and reality worthless. When artist and painters communicate with themselves in a clear logical, truthful manner, it produces less roadblocks to the execution of the work.

Life, marriage and relationships have these same issues. Thinking you can judge someone on their state of mind by your slated viewpoint and a selfish, prideful interpretation doesn’t mean it’s right. Often people who think it’s all about them, Instead of seeking out that individual and taking time to discuss and communicate the situation will opt for digging in their heels and spouting off about all that’s happening to them. Maybe they are trying to warn you? Maybe they want you to see things for yourself? Maybe moving on doesn’t mean to them what it means to you? Maybe they’re aware of how much and how far you have gone away from your core and are concerned for you?

John MacArthur from his sermon “Responding to the will of God” from James 4:13-17 states:
“And though my obedience is imperfect, it is nonetheless characteristic of my relationship to Him as His child bearing His nature that I have a desire to do His will. On the other hand, if there is in the heart no desire to do the will of God, that is the mark of a rebel, that is the mark of one who has not been transformed, one who does not love God.”

An artist, painter must concern themselves with the reality of truth, the message of the medium and the execution of the plan to accomplish the vision to an actuality. Truth in communications is vital, assumptive communion is the death of a work.”

“Writing your understandings and facts
Often helps others who are taken back
Things mean more when Scripture’s heard
Nothing beats the truth of His Holy Word
Say and do what you want, but if it ain’t right
Remember you are never out of His sight!”

“Paintings need to cause a reaction and move you. Do you have a desire to do the will of God or is your vision clouded? Have a great week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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