Sunday, January 15, 2012

Jan.15th “Who’s Approval?”

“Pure Gold”

"Considered one of the world’s greatest painters; Auguste Renoir was in pursuit of approval. For much of his life he sought the approval of the governing body whose self appointed authority was to judge what was good and what was unacceptable in the painting and art world. He would enter his works continually over his lifetime to win the approval of men, show them in the accepted galleries, and be favored under the glowing criticism of those who made and destroyed artists.

He is known as well in the impressionist camp along with his lifelong friend Claude Monet for their pursuit of light, color, and freedom. Renoir seemingly worked both sides of the known art world. Whether this was for monetary or self recognition we don’t know. His real fame came when he was commission to paint a very well known Parisian business individual’s family member. Many who visit this individual saw Renoir hard at work and as it always goes one rich man tells and other and another and another. From there Renoir never looked back as his fame and fortune grew.

I take nothing away from his God given genius and talent as his work is truly evident of both. What I want you to consider is who gives you life? Who gives you breath? Who do you serve and for what reason?"

“We toil each day under Adams curse on life
Thistle, thrones, everything causes so much strife
We think we know, we totally understand the way
We think our choices have no consequences to pay
But He gives life more abundant, more full each day
Even if sin and struggle, He’s there to guide in every way!”

“Painting requires talent and talent is a gift that comes with a purpose and a price. God gives each of us talents and gifts. Have you found and are you exercising yours? Have a good week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXII Auld, Ltd

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