Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feb.12th “Valentine’s Day, Love, Care, and Heartache”

“Roses In The Window”

"So steeped in tradition, melded into some kind of factious emotional state, and a true leap from fantasy to reality all of Valentine’s Day comes upon us. You don’t have to go far to hear what it’s all about commercially. It’s not a long walk to see the buzz of people and the demands that overtake them during this euphoric time. It won’t take you long to question which has more build up and disappointment, Valentine’s Day or the Super Bowl. Are you ready to run the roller coaster of what is planned and how it actually turns out?

But, love is in the air! Care for someone else, care for family, care for friends or care for a new “other”; and oh, by the way chocolates and a roses are not enough. “Is that all you think I’m worth?” History dictates, or maybe it’s the world’s advertising that says, “What have you done for me lately and just forget what kind of economy we live in, your enough just isn’t enough”.

Maybe it’s here that one should stop wrestling with all the worldly none sense. Yes, I know this isn’t about you or you have someone new and you’re truly different. I know from experience some people won’t want to hear that because their sisters got more, their parents have a special day or that they never got enough even when money supposedly didn’t matter. Heaven forbid Valentine’s isn’t just for women or is it. What does that commercial that’s running say, “Men just give and you will get!”

The fact is that real love was shown in its greatest form when God gave His only Son to humanity to pay personally for an act of selfish disobedience that separated Him from His most cherished creations, man (men and women). That love cries out to you each and every day! No chocolates, no dinner, no night can ever touch or come close to the care and love He shows you or me. Your situation, circumstances, or warped view point cannot and does not take away from the truth and what it means, “Love is the opportunity for life”, God’s love for you.

Ponder that over chocolates, satin sheets, or a soufflé!"

“A day to remember, look forward and mark as an event
Messages clear yet, forgotten as soon as they were sent
A day to know someone who truly cares and loves you too
Feelings gone; didn’t meet expectation set before you
A day where meaning and focus just may be misplaced
Someday we’ll all give an account when we see His face!”

“Paintings that affect us come from a deep reality within the artist’s vision and emotion, but true love is hard to know when your relationship with its author is unknown. Play in the world, in your own made up reality and find out that your truth may not be His truth. Happy Valentine’s Day and week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXII Auld, Ltd

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