Sunday, June 17, 2012

June 17th “Father’s Day… For one and for all fathers have a great day!”

“God Reaches Out To All Fathers, To All Men”

“This past week I listened to a message form Robert Morris of the Blessed Life and Gateway Church. He mentioned that after Adam had sinned and was confronted by God ( Genesis ) Adam said he was afraid. This obviously broke God’s heart as He had done absolutely nothing to cause this reaction. It was only Adam’s sin. As he continued in his sermon what caught my attention was his comments from Scripture where he referenced that there are only two fathers…your Father God or your father Satan. God is the Father of all truth and Satan is the Father of lies. He asked whom you serve. He also talked about being loved and why God should love him. In his mind God had no reason, no reason at all, and yet when God spoke to him personally, He said, “Because you are mine!”

Today where divorce in the “Christian” community runs over 50 percent there are many who have divorced themselves from God’s teaching, His will, and their obedience to His Word. Many have thrown away those that are and were belonging to them. Never a thought, never an issue of how or what their spouse was entitled to or why they loved them. If God is and He is the God of miracles why not allow Him to reconcile the love that brought both parties together, rather than break the covenant and the family that God so desires apart?

We heard the anger loud and clear and the pride that overwhelms, but where is the humility and forgiveness that each Christian knows and understands if they have truly in fact given themselves over to the Lord of Lord, the King of Kings, and their heavenly Father, the Father of truth?

There is faith. There is hope. There is love. The greatest of these is LOVE. Happy Father’s Day”

“Find my paintings or may my paintings find you!”
Douglas Auld
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