Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 19th “Open My Eyes Lord!”

“Open My Eyes” (public domain image)

"The eyes are amazing creations of Almighty God.

Nothing comes close or will ever come close to God’s creations. Not even Leonardo could make a real Lion; only one that walked and was built of wood. Think about it, that was back in the 1500’s. Soon the new iPhone will be out with a very special camera and great new features. Today was the launch of a unique video player. This afternoon millions upon millions will watch videos. Hundreds of millions will be fixed to the HD Television and billions will be on smart phones. On and on it goes as man continues to invent and refine the way we see and what we see.

God has His time table and the entire planet and all things that are on it are in motion to that end. The biggest problem right now is not the technology but it’s man’s vision and man’s heart. He neither sees what is going on around him, nor looks for the miracles God performs on a daily basis. He has no relationship to God, he’s chosen his own way. An artist painter must become an observer, a researcher and an experimenter to create a painting of any worth. Yet, 99.9 percent of every human being doesn’t see God at work. In fact they don’t even acknowledge Him and the works He has already done in which man takes pleasure.

How about you? Do you know Him and have a relationship with Him? Are you going through some things that seem to have no answers? Have you chosen your own way instead of what He had for you?

He’s waiting; He’s willing; and He’s available! Just ask Him!"

"Each day we get up work and struggle along our way
Never fully seeing or asking what should we do today
Where would You have us and what should we do
Never coming to Him clean asking Him to show anew
He’s always there, He’ll never, never turn you away
Time is moving fast don’t put off what you should do!"

"The painting will never get done if the artist just goes on with life and all its interruptions. Time to get in the real game, don’t wait! Have a great week!"

"Find my painting or may my paintings find you!"

Douglas Auld
Copyright MMXII Auld, Ltd

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