Sunday, September 2, 2012

September 2nd “Times & Seasons”

“Times And Seasons”

“Well, just in case you didn’t realize it September is upon us. This weekend brings Monday’s “Labor Day”, a time of reflection and paying tribute to the American worker for their achievements and contributions. Wow, take that in light of the mess we are in. Blame this and that, he or she or even them and the truth, the real truth is there. Nobody really wants to watch PBS’s account to really understand who was in charge, who made the decision and just maybe who got paid off. But, please pass the blame. The workers that we honor, we allow to bear the brunt of borrowing, giving the money away to cronyism and solutions that didn’t have a possibility of succeeding and then finally making the workers of America pay it back. Like I said what a mess!

It’s all times and seasons, as we move forward to what is coming, and people don’t want to hear that either. In our “feel good” society the choice is always about “me”!

What’s up with your Labor Day, getting together with family, friends, old customs or new traditions? Please, you may want to reflect on those who lost everything after the most recent storm or just weeks ago the most recent fire, or the most recent shooting, or the most recent tragedy, or even what you may not see coming.

Times and seasons still demand we spend time with Him, pouring ourselves out about all that concerns us. It does require the right relationship and the right standing.

Spend some time, get right and ask, seek and knock!”

“Seasons come and seasons go; time moves more than day to day
What are you longing for, what care burdens you, what will you say
We never know the day or the hour or the true cause of events
But we sure don’t think a lot when we go off and when we truly vent
Where’s your joy where’s your peace have you just settled in
Are you at all concerned about how you are to live for Him?”

“True artist painters are a rare breed, living out a journey. They are often totally maligned and misunderstood. Sometimes it takes a lot of work and time to create something worth showing to others. Have a great week!”

"Find my painting or may my paintings find you!"

Douglas Auld
Copyright MMXII Auld, Ltd

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