Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday, May12

"In the United States we suffer from the “stuff” syndrome. What’s that you ask? Life is so full of stuff we forget and just don’t have time. Great paintings seem to have arms. Just when you think you’re rushing, you catch a glimpse as the painting seemingly grabs you on your way by. For that brief moment you stop, look, remember and then go. Somewhere in the day that sweet savory remembrance drifts back into your head and the briefest of smiles adorns your face. Let this be a reminder that we need to stop and ponder those things that are important to us more often."

"I hope you find what you are looking for, or may it find you!"
Douglas Auld

"I am seeing the sun come peaking, announcing the first part of a new day,
What‘s ahead today may not be in my plans or my understanding in anyway,
Let me look a more at those things far beyond the demands of what I see,
And take time to feed my soul and be reminded of those things dear to me!"
Douglas Auld

Have a wonderful day ..... be back soon!
Most Cordially,
Douglas Auld

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