Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nov. 21st “You Believe it’s Thanksgiving Week?”


"There is so much to say; I could talk about spending 200 million dollars to take a trip that had no results. I could talk about a slap in the face one week and it not meaning anything the next. I could talk about positioning one party against the other. I could talk about how the pension for the congress has gone from somewhere in the thirty thousand range to a sixty thousand dollar figure in three and a half years while the seniors in this country have gotten almost nothing in any increase in social security. I could talk about having a pension for life when you put in only two to four years of having just about everything for free. I could talk about a huge percentage of people in this country who no longer believe in marriage and the majority of the others believe it’s OK to just chuck your vows and look for greener grass, after all most of America doesn’t even believe in God any more. I could talk about how professional athletes go around and want your money while we have a million and a half homeless kids living on the streets. You don’t find them solving the problem, just like Hollywood, all they do about it is use their celebrity position.

We’re so much like Rome and we’re so blind to the coming events it is unreal. We have kids who have no respect wanting to be patted on the heads rather than be disciplined and actually learn something. This happens as China teaches two year olds how to speak English. We can’t even speak English or that other second language that we’ve spent billions on to accommodate millions of illegal aliens.

All that mess and more come to our doorsteps against a backdrop of honing a skill which meant something and gave something to every human being. This week the Museum of Fine Arts In Boston opened up a fantastic new wing. The project has taken ten years and guess what, came in on budget. I guess no politician ran the construction. The people say they want people to get involved and look at what we have done. Where we have been and how we have transitioned. I shudder to think what if we were to put something together ten years from now.

Through it all paintings and created works of beauty can still stop us and make us reflect, give us memories, motivate us to doing more, and get us away from our own self interest and choices which are only about us.

It is Thanksgiving week. It’s time to be thankful to God for keeping us and our country free, in spite of how we have treated Him and each other."

“The world we live in is truly in a messy way
The stench of politics and self leads each day
We’ve shown our children what we think is OK
And someday real soon the bill is to be paid
You won’t recognize your part in another’s life
You had no feeling and you caused no strife!”

“Paintings are visual expressions in which artists want you to participate. Don’t miss the truth that stands before you. It’s never too late to make it right for Him. Have a great week and remember we still have a lot to be thankful for!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMX Auld, Ltd

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