Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 12th “The Marriage Game & Sparks”


"I’ve been working on about five paintings. You know “waiting for paint to dry”. I discovered a number of things as I always do. I try, as always to get a few takes in on different subject matter, especially reflective of the blog. I read an article on the net this week on “Spark Back In Marriage”. After reading through it, reviewing, and contemplating what was said, I wanted to illustrate how thing always seem to be with simple solutions. So with that in mind I did an abstract composite with overlays and blends dealing with a very meaningful subject to me which illustrated the title.

The article was informative saying first to “prioritize love”. Slow down, think about each other and spend some time together. Next was “get in your head to be happy with your mate”, write down what you are grateful for, appreciate them more. Reflect on your life. What brought you together? Focus on all the positives and don’t allow negatives in. It continued with do something together, like take a dance class. Review your vows. Tackle a joint project. Read or discover something together. And of course the suggestion that intimacy comes from having more sex.

Things are never as they seem and worldly suggestion will never fully satisfy a fallen world. A world that tells you “till death do we part” and answers with “I’ve lost my feelings”. Even in answers like these you see what the Prince of this World wants to do with marriages, especially Christian ones. If that created being can break up a marriage and take the kids off the track of following and doing the will of He who made us and created us, he’s accomplished his purpose. We the participants have all contributed to allowing this to happen from the choices we have made.

So choose the best sparks to your marriage, read the Word together, pray together, be together and prioritize each other together as you ask and seek with all your heart God’s leading and direction in your life.”

“I wish I knew what to count on and what not, before I chose
Most of the times our eyes aren’t open when they’re closed
There are no “mulligan’s” or “do-overs” in the marriage game
We don’t consider that a relationship is even going to change
We don’t honor, we don’t respect, and we don’t even care
If it ain’t leading us where others said; no need to be there
We’ve truly forgotten who’s we are and His priority on our life
Marriage is an ever evolving mix-up and we need Christ!”

“Paintings can remind us of the priority of our focus and need to always tend to what’s important. Hope you have a great week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXI Auld, Ltd

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