Sunday, June 5, 2011

June 5th “Fallen But Not Forgotten”

“Artistic Interpretation of Monet’s Field Of Poppies”

"Many paintings depict interactive scenes and many scenes come from the natural surroundings around us, places we encounter. Many paintings have people as their subject, important people, everyday people, and people in settings, even people artists’ want to paint or people they were commissioned to paint. No matter what the subject artists appropriate something from their subject that takes them to a level of emersion. They see something; feel something and want to put that message before them in a communication medium that visualizes their own expression. The message may please or displease its viewer. The message may confront or passively be passed by without any reaction at all. If the encounter is engaging the viewer will run through a series of critics which will spawn a new thought process or they may even totally dismiss the works without any more thought or pursuit of more understanding. The question is “What does the artist want you to see?” Remember, they may not be talking to you at all but to themselves. It’s very experiential.

Life is experiential. As one boils from anger and then explodes spewing out words of condemnation, we live a life of experiences. Suddenly a Tornado shows up, then two, we are taken back by something so dangerous and out of place! As one experiences and comes face to face with that kind of danger, no one else who has not experienced it for themselves has a real clue what the true experience is or was like.

What is love? What is a true relationship? What is an encounter that is beyond a few moments? Some things were designed to be; other things were not design to deteriorate but because of outside influences deteriorate to the point of extinction. Often we don’t see the talk, the chatter, the outside influence, the negative attitude. Often we don’t see or want to see our own contribution to that deterioration. Often we refuse to change. Often we refuse to even acknowledge our own promises, and assurances. Often we are influenced by those closest to us. We soon forget right or wrong but make choices on feelings and mind-sets.

When a painting grips you and finds its way into your heart’s emotion it causes a reaction. Our society and many individuals haven’t experienced this because of today’s present attitude, today’s pressures and today’s goals and aspirations. Many just “don’t have the time” or “can’t be bothered”.

How many miss out on what was to be because of the struggle, the commitment, the path, the requirement. Viewed as just too great an obstacle to overcome, something too great to be required, too much work to correct, it’s just easier to get on and forget the rest. Suicide often seems to be viewed as a remedy which in reality is no remedy at all.

If you are struggling, if you are not finding the grass greener, love more romantic, passion more rewarding and life more meaningful, maybe you spent too much time on the phone and not enough time on your knees. He’s still there. He still wants His will and His ways to be followed. He also may require more than we think necessary, but in the final answer comes “not my will, but Your will be done!”

What’s your answer? What’s your view?"

“Sorry I didn’t spend more time engaged hearing all you had to say
Sorry I didn’t spend more time doing things according to your way
Sorry I didn’t see and hear your voice early morning and late at night
Sorry I couldn’t seem to understand what would bring it all to light
Sorry I didn’t listen, trust, and do enough every one of my days
Sorry for not thanking You more for being with me along the way!”

“May paintings move your heart to Him who can help your encounters with life! May He lead you this week in the things you encounter and need to make right. Have a great week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXI Auld, Ltd

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