Sunday, July 24, 2011

July 24th “Separation Painting & Marriage – No!”


"I was reminded this week in doing some glazing and transparent overlays of just how great a technique it is and how careful you have to be. Knowing what you are doing and why will cut down on the frustrations as well as the pain. Many people think that just by applying the right brand of paint to a properly stretched canvas will produce a wonderful painting. Easy peasy, right? Not so! Each medium has its rule, regulations and disciplines. When you don’t let a transparent overlay dry properly, it will separate and pull away from the previous layer. Go over it too many times and you’ll notice it separating and building up right before your eyes.

I was made aware of the word “separation” in Christian marriage by John MacArthur, whom I mentioned last week, in a dialogue he has on his sermon messages titled “A Dialogue on Divorce”. He makes his sermons available to everyone on the web, here are his comments:

“The Bible says one thing about separation. And it says that a husband and a wife are never to separate unless it's for prayer. People say, "Oh, you know, let's separate for a while it will be good for us." It's never good. You can't accomplish anything when you're not together. So the Bible doesn't say anything about it. Now, as I say, there may be times when you have to separate to protect your own physical body or to take your children and save their necks as it were from an abusive parent. But as far as separation the Bible says in I Corinthians chapter 7 that there is to be no defrauding of one another, physically, no separation except for a season of prayer. And that would be where you were so overwrought with some spiritual need that your life was just totally consumed with that spiritual dimension. But as far as just separating for some reason or other, there's really no such thing in Scripture.”

Too often and often too late we are reminded of the simplicity and the complication the proper regulations and disciplines would make to our relationships.”

“Was a time when what’s before us didn’t matter anyway
All too often we let others and things change our way
Instead of being one against a world that always opposes
We let life and circumstances come at us in heavy doses
People think there is no turning back or making amends
The thief on the cross changed paths just before the end!”

“Paintings, great paints come from diligent, ardent work within executable disciplines. You can’t change the rules to conform to what others say or presumptions you’ve made. Pretty similar to marriage and divorce is it. Have a great week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

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