Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 31st “Mixing Marriage, Love, And Roses”

“Two Roses For You”

" A rose is a rose. Not Really in today’s world or symbols, brands and messages! I really like the above painting and enjoyed doing it. Set in a surreal setting the painting has the color, the balance, the detail, and the emotional feel that roses portray coming from each detailed petal. Roses are identified to have different meanings. Red is to symbolize love, yellow joy and friendship, white remembrance and new beginning, and black or dark red roses mean the death of a relationship or heartfelt regret, sorrow, or termination.

Here we see the red rose, the unmistakable expression of love, and the pink rose conveying admiration, joy, and gratitude. Here’s “Two Roses For You”!

True painting expresses human emotion. That emotion may be the emotion of the artist personally or the emotion the artist wants to evoke in the mind’s eye of the viewer. At some point the artist in his concept of his direction to execute a work creates a design or methodology to transform a white canvas into a meaningful expression.

In John MacArthur’s sermon on “Assault On God’s Design For Marriage” He states:

“The Bible says that families are built on spiritual foundations, not psychological ones, not emotional ones. The Bible says that what is most important in a good marriage is love for God overruling love for self. What is really important in a good marriage is the pursuit of the needs of others rather than your own. What really matters is having a submissive heart that cares more about the other, true spiritual joy, gratitude, devotion to God and His Kingdom and His purposes and His glory, true holiness, obedience to Scripture.

In other words, marriage is just a place where you live your Christianity. And if you live it right, it's a happy, productive, fulfilled and blessed event every day. If you don't, it is fraught with pain and disappointment and unfulfillment and sadness and anger and all the rest. It has nothing to do with some human techniques of touch, or romance, or intimacy, or communication, or even financial security, and everything to do with your relationship to God”

Paintings can be changed, repaired, and redone. If a work does not bring about the artist’s necessary approval level of it being complete then the painting demands more attention, insight, and work. God is in the repair and recovery business. Allow Him to wash away the old crusty, dried, used up paint and create a virtually new brush for His glory and His use in evoking people to who He truly is.”

“Lives are marked by dates and times and yet we do not see
We live as though nothing matters fantasizing on what might be
We throw away the markers and those of whom we did care
Focusing in on our own self is what we want only to be aware
The choices made along the way become our signature on time
But we don’t forget these records as they press upon our mind!”

“Painting can express human feelings, but feelings cannot guide you in life. Hope you have a great week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXI Auld, Ltd

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