Sunday, August 16, 2009

August 16Th ... Let Paint-tings remind You!


Size: 16" X 20"
Giclee' on Canvas Hand Embellished by Artist; Certified & Limited
From "The Beautiful Cape Collection"
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“Time moves at a pace that our present activities seem like an actual memory. Our memories are processed in the midst of so much information that triggers are needed to set our memories before us. Decisions, choices, and the paths we’ve travel have influenced us alone the way. The questions always outweigh the answers. We miss so much of what positives do for us. Great reminders of those memories, that we so treasure, can be recalled through great paintings. Paintings, that captivate our hearts emotions, journey our hearts and minds to those people, places, and things we truly love.”


“Things that affect life and its journey are all about us.

Too often our words, deeds, and actions cause such a fuss.

Shaped by our relationships and what others have to say,

Often make us pick up our toys and cause us to walk away.

Feed your heart, your very soul with great memory recall.

Find beautiful paintings that you can place upon your wall.”

“Have a great week and ponder great memories!”

“Find my paintings, or may my paintings find you!”

Douglas Auld

Copyright 2009 Auld, Ltd.

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