Sunday, April 25, 2010

Apr. 25th “Fragile Relationships”

"LifeStoryStandardPainting T&LC”
Size: 16" X 20" Giclee' on Canvas Hand Embellished by Artist; Certified & Limited From "The Life Story Standard Collection". - Click HERE - Find the ENLARGED paintings with details, pricing, shipping and more as well as my comments on the paintings.

"What a world we live in and what a time to be alive. The changes going on around us are mind boggling. The greed, the self absorption, absentee non discipline parenting, cheapness of life, the backroom deals, the sleep around divorce makes it right world mentality, and wave upon wave of braking down of our foundational beliefs, nothing is sacred. That’s what they would like you to believe. Oh by the way, turn the music up and let’s watch some more stealing and killing on super 3D.

Even in our personal relationship, it’s now maybe I’ll be there and maybe not. Loyalty, vows, true friendship, got your back, it’s more who are you with this week and who are you again? Sure we have friends on the lazy-suzanne of life. It spins whoever comes around for me today is my best friend. All the while, the clock is ticking. If there is 24 hours in each and every day, how come it goes faster with every year that passes? It’s “I just don’t have time for that anyway.”

Once again, I’m here to say, think, stop, consider and re-evaluate what’s going on around you. You may have to change directions, move to some other course, and change the group you hang with or take a closer look at your belief system. Only you know, but you won’t if you don’t stop and reflect and ask for some insight from someone besides your self-serving relations.

Grab a chair, get yourself deeply engaged in a painting and reflect on all that’s going on with you. When you are done you may not recognize yourself."

“Hello world, it’s me, what don’t you know who I am?
You can view everything I do on my own webcam
Don’t have the time, not about anyone besides myself
We only go round once you know; got to get the wealth
I know my heart is cold and I don’t really have a friend
But if not about me and mine, how do these stories end?”

“Having a great painting pays your way to positive mind travel. It’s a good week for inside and outside reflection. Stay well.”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMX Auld, Ltd

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