Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dec.18th “Subtitles Of The Season”


"For the “Northeast” that season of the year is upon us. It’s not all about snow, but it’s about the time. With any good painting time is an important element. Sometimes, time is short and it cracks. Some time it’s too long in finishing or finished before it’s truly started. Sometimes the painting shows a time and a place that take us to somewhere special. Sometimes it takes us to a place we’d rather forget. A painting can initiate an emotion or memory or a reaction that can cause us to think. Something we often don’t have time to do. At this season of the year we don’t often think a lot, we just try to get through it. Many people say this is their favorite time of the year. While others say they wish the season never happened.

There’s so much going on! With be here, be there, commitments, people visiting, people in need, people entertaining, children fantasizing, children wanting, relatives, friends, co-workers, programs, gifts, ordering, wrapping, mailing, on and on and on, we just don’t have time.

Often when people are busy they forget to look at any paintings. Often people forget about the past, their roots, their heritage and even their beliefs, especially when it’s this season.

The one thing to truly remember is the “reason for the season” and what’s “truly important”. Jesus is the reason for the season and your relationship with Him is most important!”

“Things come and things go in life; some good some bad
Some leave us happy and other things truly leave us sad
We’re so wrapped up in it all being about ourselves each day
We often forget who we are and don’t even take time to pray
Spend some quality time reflecting and thinking about your life
You have or can have it eternal because of the love of Christ!”

“Paintings lead us to places deep in the memories of our minds. Find some time and take some time to ponder God’s will for you. May you have great week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMXI Auld, Ltd

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