Sunday, July 15, 2012

July 15th “Times Changing and Anniversary”

“Your Judgment”

“Well this has been a big week for some and will be a big week for others. Like the week being one to one very close to me of ”Anniversary Remembrances” of years of being together in a marvelous life that gave much glory and obedience to the Almighty. Even though one, of the couple who were one together, has past and gone to be with the Lord, the other continues on the quest God laid out a long time ago. There’s no one like this person!! Like the week being one in which opportunities knocked as well as opportunities that faded, knowing that He controls all things. Like working and growing in the talent given by God as a gift and the overwhelming realization of its reality. Like a famous artist whom I had the privilege to interview and spend more than four straight hours with, who evaluated my own works and journey. Only then, I learned he passed away four days later when he collapsed and had a heart attack. Like a personal close friend, He faces surgery for cancer this week. On and on it goes as life changes.

Then of course there are those who have chosen their own will and their own way and face life anew. Having chosen this course and the way of the world, after warning upon warning while still driven to think it’s all fine, and God will change his persona and overlook everything even though His Word is exceedingly clear on all these matters. The course of feel good actions lay not in the hands of humans but life in all ways is clearly in the hands and grasp of almighty God.

This will be the end of wasting over 37 years of life.

There is an expression that says, “They meant it for bad, but God meant it for good”. Look at Job’s wife, Lot’s wife, even Abraham’s wife. Those who remained faithful survived. Personally, I can testify that these last few years have been the very best since before the vows and covenants. After this week praise God the wasted years and those who made it so will be gone!”

“Thank you God for all you’ve done, Your heart doesn’t change
You don’t throw us away or abandon us in the toil and pain
If we obey and learn and seek after You, you will bring us through
Who can fully realize how Awesome You are and All for us You do
Thank You for keeping me while in the negative storm of 37 years
You have given so much, more than money, security or any peers
Have Your will and Your way on earth as You do in Heaven each day
Show us where to go and what to do, Lord have your way!!”

“The artist is nothing without the gift; but the gift is nothing without the work; ( Emile Zola); and the work is nothing without the knowledge and creativity!” (Douglas Auld) Be careful how you tread this week especially if you are not in His will, and be aware that the times are changing. I hope you recognize where they come from and why. A whole new direction next week, I look forward to it!”

“Find my paintings or may my paintings find you!”
Douglas Auld
Copyright MMXII Auld, Ltd

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