Sunday, July 22, 2012

July 22nd “First And Second Steps”

"The Comparison"

"“Ala Prima” is an Italian painting term which means paint in one session. While I’ve done a considerable amount of that, it seems to me when you love depth it really doesn’t happen the way you want. You also see a lot of “Plein Air” painters who love the process of one day, quick work, catch what you can, catch or it’s gone. It’s demanding and uncompromising in requiring your attention, everything’s in a state of motion. I like depth and reflective light and glazing and making one step work over another. I usually have at least six paintings going at one time. I just recently visited with someone who had converted many years ago to acrylics because of the drying speed. Even though he worked over and over on a surface, he stayed within his subject study before moving on to the next. Each of us takes a different journey. The Bible says, “man has his plans, but God determines his steps” Proverbs 16:9. Too often we get in our own way.

I thought I’d show you some progress on the “Underpainting” on the blog I shared with you over a month ago. While it has a really long way to go you can see the steps I’ve taken.

I hope you get there and its where God wants you to be, because that where you’ll be most happy."

"The great God of heaven and earth gives each person a personal gift
It’s up to us to find it, exploit it in the right way and make sure we don’t drift
He will bless it and make sure you understand what and where you are to go
You need to understand forces will be against you trying stop the proper flow
Take heart and follow Him who sees and knows all each and every day
Follow His will and make sure you walk in His steps all along the way!"

"The journey has a lot and brings a lot. You make choices along the way some that you suffer for and some that bear fruit, but hopefully you build on what you’ve learned and your relationship is closer. Have a good week!"

"Find my paintings or may my paintings find you!”

Douglas Auld
Copyright MMXII Auld, Ltd

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