Sunday, November 8, 2009

Nov. 8Th “Memories Of Yesterdays”

" SwansWithAttitude "

Size: 16" X 20" Giclee' on Canvas Hand Embellished by Artist; Certified & Limited From " The Swans Of Cape Cod Collection". - Click HERE - Find the ENLARGED paintings with details, pricing, shipping and more as well as my comments on the paintings.

" Jaba, jaba, chat, chat, email this, IM that, what’s my purpose? What do I pursue? Where’s this all going? What gives me peace? Am I better off without you? What’s influencing me? Overwhelmed by information? Think there is something physical or mentally wrong? Made mistakes? Overcome by guilt or hurt? Physically and mentally damaged?

Talk about depressing, but unfortunately it’s the world we live in driven by the lies that we must have it all, it’s all about us, there’s a better relationship for me, my needs are all that matters, and more in our self-absorbed society.

Right in the midst of that twister of emotion is the memory we have. It’s not today because we have no memory yet of today, but we have memory of yesterdays. Like the coach who gets doused with the bucket full of Gatorade, positive, uplifting memories can change our focus, rescue our thoughts and bring us to a new level of optimistic encouraging empowerment. One of the single most powerful memory stimulators is great paintings. Paintings that buckle your knees and stop your heart are Just as snowflakes different and individually appealing.

If you understand what I am saying and you look at one every day you are a person most fortunate! If you don’t understand and don’t have at least one, then find one, find several. Life will have a much better outlook, every day!"

" Wading through the slop of pigs is the daily grind I feel.
I can’t seem to find myself, there is nothing really real.
Wait! Wait! What’ is that I’m looking at? What is it I see?
Are my eyes telling my heart truth or playing tricks on me?
Wow! What a vision. What a scene. It’s like having a meal.
A painting speaking directly to me, it’s what I want to feel.”

“Take the time and find a treasure that will speak volumes for a lifetime. Not only will it be priceless to you, but your life will be better for it. Have a great week!”

"Find my paintings, or may my paint-tings find you!"

Douglas Auld

Copyright MMIX Auld, Ltd
p.s. "Here are some artists who create treasures that speak volumes.”
Tracy Wall, Sharon Lynn Williams, Sarah Wimperis, Rob Ijbema, Sandra Galda

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